How old is your kitty?

How old is your kitty?

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  1. Treemo
    Self-explanatory. How old is your cat, and how old did your other cats live to be?

    My current cat, Popcorn has just turned 18 years old. She's still very much alive and kicking. She's still really perky and bratty, but that's how we know she's alright.

    Zeus and Sabrina (who no loner live with me) are both currently eight and seven respectively.

    Bonk died at 9, and Sammy lived to be 10.

    Holy shit, Popcorn's old.
  2. Mijzelffan
    My current cat Romeo is ermmmm, 9.5 old. He was born in spring 2000. I wouldn't know the others ages.
  3. Rayne
    ~8 mos, though Aramis acts like a full grown cat already. He's entering his 'teen' years. Guess I gotta start hiding the catnip from him.
  4. Yoshi-san
    My cat is 10 year old! She so cute and yet EVIL!
  5. Moonlight Umbreon
    Moonlight Umbreon
    I don't know the age of my cat because he just appeared asking for food and then started coming back almost everytime.So he became my cat.But as he appeared in the end of 2008,i think he can be considered almost 1 year old.
  6. Vaexa
    Uhm... 2 of my deceased cats reached 19 years, and my current ones are 18, 5, and something like 7.
  7. eevee91
    My cat is going to be 7 next month. Seems like I just got him yesterday.
  8. Delsin Rowe
    Delsin Rowe
    My three Cats.

    Patches: Died at 8

    Tigger: 2.5

    Kiki: Almost a year.
  9. Pawsrent
    Heather: ? (Dead)
    Smokey: 10 (Aging)
    Amber: 10 (Aging)
    Oswald: 5(?)
    Adison: 7(?) (Dead)
  10. Meguroco
    Crystal: My guess is around 18-20. (Dead. .)
    Jack: ??? (Outdoor cat.) I'm gonna guess about 13, he's younger then Crystal; I know that.
    Lucky: About 9 months. We adopted her at a NKS (No Kill Shelter. You might know it-- they're apart of the N.Y.P.D [NUDER.YOUR.PET'S.DAMN IT, is what it's called] and they have these initials: A.W.E.S.O.M.)
    Milo: About 5 or 6. (Possibly dead, my sister's ex boyfriend left him in the apartment with my sister's other cat. Though I think his grandfather is taking care of him. [her Ex's grandfather], so he might be 7.)
    Roxie: 7, I'm guessing.

    Now what's strange about Crystal is.. when she died we found out she had a Tumor.
    She lived for almost 20 years. (I clearly wasn't born when we got her; but she liked me the most for some reason...)
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