Why CN should get rid of CN Real.

Why CN should get rid of CN Real.

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  1. Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
    B/c it's "Cartoon"Network.
  2. Kamen_Fanatic
    Bring back Toonami!
  3. Phoenicks
    Because there are 1000 other channels with everything that CN Real has.
  4. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    Agreed! I support this cause 100%!

    And since you really wanna make a difference about this, I suggest sending feedback to CN.


    Who knows? Letting Cartoon Network know that we don't want CN Real might prevent CN from turning its back on all cartoons.
  5. Steven
    I doubt it, Lisa. =(
  6. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    Well, if you look at CN's site, it still seems like they're about cartoons (at least right now, anyway). I mean, they even have whole episodes of their shows which you can download. =O Yeah, I know that's kinda off topic, but I thought that was interesting. XD

    Anyway, why not send them feedback? If you really don't like the idea of CN Real, you should tell them how you feel about it (cause that's better than doing nothing). Cause if enough people voice their opinion, they might hear you out and at least consider their decision.
  7. Steven
    Feedback is pointless in their case; Cartoon Network does what they want, when they want. They will shove whatever they want to down our throats.
  8. !Tommy
    I miss the old Cartoon Network. I'll say this though, when my grandfather was still living, he watched Cartoon Network a lot and he didn't like what they were putting on there so he went to the cable station and got their contact information and he wrote CN a letter. Interestingly enough, even though he used the address they gave him, it was sent back to him. Guess they really don't care about feedback or what the viewers want.
  9. Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
    Thanx Lisa, I really want the CN we had from 2005-back(as in time).
  10. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    No problem! I'm glad to help! ^^
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