Series II Synopsis (In-Progress)

Series II Synopsis (In-Progress)

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    The year was 2086. The world had been ravaged by a sentient Auric storm known only as The Entity, which had consumed nearly all Aura on the planet, becoming the most powerful being in existence and causing chaos wherever it went. Aura Adepts were extinct, virtually all historical archives had been wiped, and bounty hunters reigned supreme, theirs being the only profession that paid in hadocite, the one substance resistant to The Entity's influence.

    As per his standard routine, Pyrite's resident "village idiot", Lomar, entered the local pub for a glass of beer. While there, he spoke with the barkeep regarding the current state of things, wondering how it all began and if there could be some way to set things right. Overhearing the conversation, a mysterious old man started to offer the very information Lomar had been searching for, but was shot by notorious bounty hunter Echo Starfield before he could say very much—he managed to tell Lomar to find someone called the "Firechild" just before he died.

    Following Echo's departure, a lesser-known mercenary by the name Ricky Fowler entered the bar to deliver some illegal narcotics in exchange for a free drink. While there, he got caught in the conversation between Lomar and the barkeep, who came to postulate that this "Firechild" might refer to one of the various "chosen one" prophecies that people kept dreaming up. Intending to learn if this one could be legitimate, Lomar resolved to travel to the last known historical archive, located in Mossdeep—uplifted by the hope of fixing the broken world, Ricky chose to join him.

    Unfortunately, they found themselves ill-equipped for the journey. As they trekked across the great Orre desert on the way to Port Agate, they were assaulted by brigands; Ricky's combat skills saved him from serious injury, but Lomar was another story. As luck would have it, however, they were conveniently close to the hideout of Echo Starfield, who ushered them inside and offered her assistance. She revealed that her absurdly spacious hideout was lined throughout with the hadocite she had earned on her various missions, and that she intended to make it a sanctuary for humankind to hide from The Entity. She had no real faith in the duo's plan, but she figured the least she could do was properly train and equip them, thus ensuring they made it home in one piece.

    This sequence awaits continuation.
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