Series I Synopsis

Series I Synopsis

  1. Glitchipedia
    The IRC canon did not truly begin until Leaf Vershon appeared. Her first appearances were inconsequential—she would merely hang out with Jonathan "Jonny" Walker and Misty Waterflower. Originally, her main thing was her status as an Innocent Fanservice Girl, meaning she didn't care if she somehow ended up partially or fully nude in public.

    These silly interactions took a turn for the more serious when she and Jonny started dating. At the conclusion of their second date, which took place at Leaf's home in Pallet Town, they engaged in a lengthy session of sexual gratification. They thought nothing of it at first, until Leaf realized that Jonny had neglected to wear protection. Being a forgiving soul, however, Leaf brushed it off and offered to finish the night with a bottle of scotch.

    Not too long afterward, they went on a third date, following which they decided to crash at Jonny's place. While there, Leaf made the decision to run a pregnancy test on herself.

    The report was positive.

    Leaf stayed with Jonny at his apartment for some time. Often, he insisted that they engage in sexual activities, which Leaf found enjoyable for sure, but which she couldn't be certain were entirely healthy given her condition. Jonny assured her that pregnant women were capable of having sex for at least the first six months; nevertheless, she requested time to think it over.

    During this time, Leaf decided to introduce Jonny to a friend of hers, one Carrie "Okuru" Ocre. Carrie ended up moving into an apartment on a lower level, where she could easily be contacted for social activities.

    As time went on, Jonny's need for sex grew desperate, as Leaf was taking longer to decide than he had anticipated. He thought he would be able to control himself, but he finally broke when the narrator Glitchipedia descended from the heavens to have a little chat with him, much to narrator Hide in Plain Sight's dismay.

    Unable to wait any longer, Jonny chose to target Carrie.

    It began innocently enough—one day while Leaf was out shopping, Jonny offered to take Carrie surfing, which she accepted. When she paddled out onto the water wearing a full-body wetsuit, however, claiming that she disliked exposing her skin, Jonny knew he was in for a challenge.

    While trying to teach Carrie how to stay steady on her board, Jonny advised her to try to feel the water and sense what it was doing. As she concentrated on the waves, trying to predict their movements, her Aura began to rise to the surface. Several minutes passed as she tried to force her Aura to submit to her will—at the end, she was riding the waves even more impressively than Jonny himself. Thrilled with her success, and possibly a bit drunk on her Auric power, Carrie spontaneously kissed Jonny before fainting on the spot.

    She awoke to find herself in Jonny's bedroom, with its owner taking care of her. She knew he would have questions—sure enough, that kiss was one of the first subjects he brought up. He then told her he wanted to take it a step further, to ascertain whether it was merely a one-time deal. Carrie was reluctant at first, knowing Jonny to be Leaf's boyfriend, and really, how could Carrie do that to the closest thing she had to a sister? Nevertheless, Jonny proved very persuasive, and it really wasn't terribly long before Carrie made the decision to shed the wetsuit.

    Right at the end of the ensuing sexual encounter, however, was when Leaf chose to walk through the bedroom door.

    Leaf was surprised, to be sure, but only because she hadn't expected it to happen so soon—this had, in fact, been part of Leaf's plan all along. It seemed to her that Jonny couldn't go very long without sex, and since the last three months of the pregnancy would require Leaf to refrain from the activity, Jonny was likely to look for other options. Thus, Leaf decided to preempt the inevitable course of action by bringing in someone she could trust. Jonny and Carrie were reluctant at first, but ultimately trusted Leaf's judgment. It wasn't long before Carrie ended up moving in with Jonny and Leaf.

    As the months passed, Carrie's Aura began to grow more powerful. This turned out to be bad news—it became too powerful for her to control, ultimately possessing her and using her as an instrument of destruction. The clone Colin Sonan (under the guise of a Master called "Twilight"), an assassin named Ezio Auditore di Firenze, and one other individual whose name has been forgotten all fought against Carrie, but even though she found herself unable to harm them (with the exception of Twilight, whose armor was exceedingly easy to penetrate), nor was she able to be harmed.

    Leaf ended up having to intervene with a cliché in the form of a Cooldown Hug, only it actually made sense in that Leaf ended up absorbing Carrie's excess Aura into herself. Regardless, it was released into the atmosphere shortly afterward, as it was not meant for Leaf. The excess is believed to have dissipated.

    It wasn't long after this that Carrie had a physical examination, which revealed a truth to her she found very hard to stomach: her ovaries had somehow been irreparably damaged, making her incapable of reproduction. On the plus side, though, this meant that Jonny no longer needed to remember to wear a condom during sex with Carrie. Another thing that eventually cropped up was Carrie's newfound bisexuality, opening the door for three-ways which eventually became a nightly event.

    A few months later, due to a lack of creativity on Glitchipedia's part, Carrie's Aura returned and began to wreak havoc once again. This time, however, she was stopped single-handedly by Colin's creator and stepfather, Professor Wyatt Sonan, Ph.D. The professor then took Carrie back to his lab, where he subjected her to a gene therapy which he believed would cut off her communication with her Aura.

    After that, things seemed to be going rather well. A few new characters cropped up—the band Eye Candy, comprised of Joanie Aimes, Collie Calloway, Annie Jameson and Bella Austin began making regular appearances and were rather friendly with the other cast members. Another new character, Jonny's former classmate Lauren Hunter, became obsessed with the idea of molesting Bella, which became a running gag.

    But, at the beginning of Leaf's seventh month of pregnancy, just as she was pulling out of the nightly orgies, Carrie got caught in the crossfire of a devastating car accident which killed both drivers. Carrie herself was pronounced dead on the scene.

    The remaining months of Leaf's pregnancy seemed to go by rather smoothly. Joanie found herself a girlfriend in the form of Natalie Grayson, and the two became damn near inseparable. At last, the ninth month concluded, and Leaf bore a child which she and Jonny named "Brooke Madison Walker". Jonny hoped to guarantee the surname by proposing to Leaf, and as it turned out, she accepted.

    Not long after, Ezio was confronted by a suspicious-looking woman named Icira Witherflame, who employed him to acquire two keys, both of which were said to unlock the hidden Maze of Holon Marsh. Supposedly, a treasure of some kind was hidden in the Maze, though Icira's substantial payment to Ezio suggested she didn't need any such thing.

    As it turned out, she only wanted a base of operations. As soon as she had the Maze unlocked, she made a beeline for Jonny's apartment and kidnapped Brooke.

    Jonny and Leaf went straight to the Maze to recover their daughter, but they found that the challenge still wasn't over even when they reached the exit. There, Icira revealed that the Carrie who had died in the car wreck was nothing more than a remote-controlled avatar, and the true Carrie was in fact being held hostage. As proof, Icira yanked the real Carrie out from behind her, chained and clearly suffering. Icira offered a choice: Jonny and Leaf could take Carrie and leave, or they could proceed into the battle chamber to fight for the baby while at the same time forfeiting Carrie's life.

    They, of course, took a third option.

    Icira was defeated, but not killed, and so she was able to get away. Regardless, both Carrie and Brooke were freed.

    It seems as though that should be the end, right?


    Icira ultimately ensured her survival by only going onto the battlefield while controlling an avatar of herself. This was partly justified—her true body was old and worn-out, simply not suited for combat. As a matter of fact, her true body was Colin's immediate predecessor, the first clone Professor Sonan ever created.

    Ezio resolved to kill Icira at one point, but their interactions soon became more and more friendly, and Icira ultimately ceased to be a villain altogether. Which proved vital when the next villain, one Melanie Morana, showed up.

    Melanie fancied herself a goddess, born to force the world into submission. Her Auric prowess was outstanding, most of it derived from dark artifacts including an Aura-infused sword. Her next target was none other than Carrie, whose Aura was inactive, but extremely powerful. This arc solidified Carrie's role as the damsel in distress.

    Melanie's transit back to Disonia with Carrie proved eventful; Melanie ended up being split into three, with one of her going to Disonia, one of her remaining in the normal world, and one of her winding up in a parallel, post-apocalyptic universe.

    A party consisting of Aria Kamine, Ezio Auditore, Dustin Drake, Wyatt Sonan, Icira Witherflame, Leaf Vershon and Lauren's Gardevoir, Lyvanis, was sent into Disonia to search for the first Melanie. If you'll forgive me for omitting the details, the ensuing battle was epic but short-lived, and this iteration of Melanie was defeated. Before her death, however, she transferred all of her remaining power to the other two Melanies, making them far stronger.

    During a short break in the quest, Lauren suddenly became much more aggressive in her attempts to molest the sex-hating Bella, and it soon deteriorated into a Pokémon battle which ended with the trainers attacking each other directly. When Lauren tried to have Lyvanis use Hyper Beam on Bella, Joanie tried to intervene by having her Grimer smother the Gardevoir. At that moment, however, Melanie stepped in and incapacitated the Grimer purely for her own amusement. When Joanie tried pushing Melanie into the path of the Hyper Beam, she merely redirected it around herself so it would continue on its planned course. Unable to do anything else, Joanie stepped in the path of the beam herself.

    Blind with pure rage at the apparent sight of Joanie's dead body, Bella killed Lauren, prompting Lyvanis to go into revenge mode. Total chaos was seemingly averted, however, when the whole thing turned out to be a simulation—Lauren and Joanie were still very much alive. Nevertheless, the sight of Joanie's death had frightened Bella, and later the next day, she attempted to hang herself. It was only through Joanie's intervention that she failed.

    When the quest resumed, it was revealed that Aria knew of a secret weapon possessed by Melanie, the aptly-named "Evil Demon", and believed the only way to combat this nigh-unstoppable force was with its counterpart, the Peace Spirit. Along with Icira, Aria was able to extract the Spirit from a vault inside the Maze of Holon Marsh. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by the second Melanie, and Aria was forced to transport the Spirit to a secret location where she was sure Melanie would never be able to get it. Following this massive output of Auric power, Aria lapsed into a coma, and with her being the only person to know the location of the Spirit, the quest was delayed.

    Icira did manage to find something else in the vault—a tablet written in Ancient Disonian. After taking it back to her new headquarters (a flying city she stole from a Sinnoh Inquisition outpost) and translating it, she found that it was the secret to synthesizing Aura in the cloning process. Icira seized the opportunity immediately and began making new avatars.

    After many unsuccessful battles, Icira finally figured out what needed to be done. The only way to combat what was apparently a Godmode Sue was to become a Godmode Sue herself.

    Icira focused all of her new Auric power into defense, rendering herself totally untouchable but at the same time making her unable to attack. She stood on the battlefield absorbing Melanie's attacks until at last she had enough Aura to reach into the heavens and steal Glitchipedia's narrator power. Now a narrator herself, Icira became temporarily unbeatable and was able to subdue Melanie. Icira had only one thing in mind when doing so, however—retrieving Carrie. And retrieve Carrie she did. Unfortunately, Melanie still got away.

    Not long after this, several things happened at once. First, the Lauren simulation was revealed to have been executed by an imposter from the Scarlet Order, rather than the actual Lauren Hunter. Second, Melanie confronted the heroes with a startling discovery—she had acquired the power of precognition, and in all foreseeable futures, she failed in her endeavors to become a goddess. Thus, she gave up, and Aria's coma ended without explanation. Third, Lauren installed a holodeck into the heroes' central hub and started a World of Warcraft/Dungeons and Dragons-style roleplaying game. Whether this will have any effect on the main canon remains to be seen, though Lauren, Joanie and Bella have been seen accessing their RPG powers outside of the holodeck.

    Even so, Carrie remained in rather bad condition. Constant torture at Melanie's hands had left her in a coma, with only her once-again-drawn-out Aura able to communicate.

    A few weeks later, with Melanie having effectively joined the heroes, Icira revealed to her that, while performing internal maintenance directly inside her computer database, she had found a mysterious shard of energy. It was determined that the strange shard was in fact a piece of Carrie's Aura, and that more shards were left to find. In time, Jonny, Joanie, Colin and newcomer Katherine Madison were digitized into the database to recover the missing shards. They almost didn't succeed—the largest shard was briefly stolen by a persistent computer virus which was insanely difficult to take down. Ultimately, all of the shards were recovered and Melanie was able to reintegrate them into Carrie's Aura.

    But it still wasn't time for a happy ending. Carrie's Aura, which she now dubbed "Rukuo", fought with her for control of her body. In an effort to stop this struggle, Icira paid Melanie handsomely to train Carrie to master her Aura and, in the vernacular, make it her personal bitch. The Rukuo consciousness was eventually destroyed completely, leaving only the raw Auric energy, with which Carrie quickly became quite skilled.

    In time, Colin started to develop romantic feelings toward Katherine. They became good friends, for sure, but Katherine never seemed to reciprocate Colin's exact feelings. Colin respected this, but this did not change his stance.

    Then, quite out of the blue, Icira's second-in-command, Commander M., mysteriously disappeared. After some time with no word of his whereabouts, he suddenly showed up again having kidnapped various innocents, including Bella, and furthermore, Katherine's family. He concealed himself and his hostages in the abandoned Team Rocket hideout beneath Celadon Casino, which was now protected by walls of pure plotonium, which is completely impenetrable.

    Hoping to obtain the access code from an old acquaintance, Icira set about trying to contact former Rocket executive Proton. Driven by rage and different forms of love (Katherine for her family, Colin for Katherine), Colin and Katherine went ahead and tried to storm the hideout without any access code, taking Joanie, Natalie and Lauren with them. Praying to Arceus for luck, Colin was able to bend the plot in the group's favor, and the plotonium was easily destroyed.

    A battle with Commander M. ensued with all the hostages watching. Lauren made it especially apparent that she was here specifically to rescue Bella—this came as a total shock to the latter, and caused her to start reciprocating the former's feelings, though she tried to deny it. Upon defeat, Commander M. revealed that this had all been a distraction anyway, allowing his new boss to carry out the real crime. As if on cue, a massive prototype starship flew overhead and exited the atmosphere. Commander M. dissolved into nothingness before any more information could be extracted.

    After freeing the hostages and returning to home base, the heroes learned from Icira that she had scanned the fleeing vessel and had detected only one life sign: that of gym caretaker Jim Gai.

    Following this, as Icira began making preparations to pursue Jim, a number of filler events took place. Colin's Glaceon ended up getting killed in a tournament battle where his opponent was using a hacked Poké Ball that left its assigned Pokémon unrestricted in power. An investigation was started by the League, which began arresting any and all trainers found to be in possession of such Poké Balls. The problem was traced back to the Poké Marts, which were temporarily shut down. When Silph Co. was investigated, their HQ was found completely deserted. Believing that the leftovers of Commander M.'s small posse of glitch Pokémon were behind this, Colin took matters into his own hands, temporarily taming the legendary Zapdos, tracking down the group and destroying them in one fell swoop. The problem being resolved, the League ceased its investigation.

    And there was yet one more thing to be revealed. One fateful day, Colin accidentally happened upon Katherine and her Ninetales in a less-traveled forest. Keeping out of sight, Colin watched in horror as the two shared an obviously romantic moment. This was why she hadn't reciprocated Colin's feelings—she was already in a relationship, but never told him. Feeling distrusted and betrayed, Colin confronted her the next day. Katherine was understandably distraught to find that her secret had been found out, what with human-Pokémon relationships being greatly frowned upon in society and illegal in most territories. But it wasn't the interspecies relationship so much as the secrecy that so upset Colin. After he managed to get her to promise that she wouldn't keep any more secrets from him, they eventually reconciled.

    Finally, the time came to pursue Jim. All of our heroes, with the exceptions of Leaf, Brooke and Jonny, and with the addition of newcomers Julian, Nathaniel Jacobs, Bennie Elton, Candy Hercules, Ronnie Johnson and Lucy Diamond, boarded Icira's homemade Star Destroyer and took off into space. Almost immediately, they were confronted by some space pirates, which brought mixed results. While the heroes were able to obtain some information about Jim's whereabouts from the pirates, they were also viewed by these scoundrels as potential victims. Ultimately, Icira, Melanie, Carrie and the ship's Pokémon crew were able to fight off the pirates, who retreated but promised to make a reprise appearance later.

    Our motley crew was eventually led to a Class-M planet on the edge of the galaxy, home of the Genkidu species. Having been told that Jim may have stopped here for supplies, Annie, Natalie, Colin and Katherine flew down to the surface in a shuttlepod to gather information. Unfortunately, they ended up getting shot down by paranoid sentry towers, crashing into a swamp. The force of the crash jostled some of Colin and Katherine's Poké Balls off of their belts—they retrieved the balls without first ensuring that they hadn't taken each other's by mistake.

    Upon exiting the craft, Annie got to work trying to repair the damage. Colin was seemingly swallowed by some sort of swamp monster, though he was later vomited up in some other part of the swamp, separating him from the group. Katherine and Natalie went off to look for Colin, but Natalie ended up getting snatched up by some sort of flying creature. Joanie eventually rescued Natalie, but wasn't able to locate the others.

    Colin and Katherine separately found out that they had accidentally swapped Poké Balls—Colin had Katherine's Ninetales, and Katherine had Colin's Typhlosion. Colin took the opportunity to try and get to know Ninetales better, though he never forgot about trying to find his way back to Katherine and Typhlosion.

    The two parties did meet back up eventually, but their presence disturbed an ancient horror that lived deep beneath the planet's surface. The monster, which looked like some kind of gargantuan tree-beast, seemed nigh indestrictible at first, with no attacks able to penetrate its tough skin. Colin's Gengar, however, reported that the beast's insides were very soft and extremely flammable, prompting Typhlosion and Ninetales to try and shoot fire attacks into the monster's mouth. They ultimately succeeded, but they caused the creature to explode violently, and though Colin, Katherine and their other Pokémon were able to get away, Typhlosion and Ninetales were caught in the blast and killed.

    Shortly thereafter, Annie arrived in the repaired shuttle to pick Colin and Katherine up, taking them back to the ship. Bennie and Bella had executed the reconnaissance mission instead, and learned of Jim's new heading.

    While all of this was going on, Melanie, Carrie and Icira's new second-in-command, Lieutenant Commander L., had been trying to determine Jim's motive. L. suggested that perhaps he was after a mysterious particle called "The Hand of God", said to be the force that caused the Big Bang. The rumor was that the Hand of God could only be controlled by one with untold Auric prowess, and that he who controlled it commanded the entire multiverse.

    As they made their way toward the center of the universe, they found themselves under attack once again—the pirates made good on their promise to return. This time, they came in such numbers that there was no hope of fighting them off. Desperate, Icira ushered the core cast onto the main escape craft (appropriately, a Rebel blockade runner), launched them away, and self-destructed her Star Destroyer with her still onboard, destroying her true body and killing her off for real, or so it seemed.

    The pirates were defeated, but things were about to get much, much worse. Jim's ship captured the escape craft, the crew of faceless Goons taking its occupants prisoner. Melanie, Carrie, Bella, Katherine, Colin and Bennie were all taken to see the commanding officer himself....except it wasn't Jim. It was, in fact, Bennie's boyfriend, Roy Gilbert, who up until that point had only been joked about as a complete coward and never seen in the flesh. It became clear that the true Roy was a far-cry from his wimpy façade—his Auric power was greater even than Melanie's, and his disposition yet more evil. He confessed that he had reached his physical limit with his Auric power, but he still needed more in order to control the Hand of God. That's where Melanie, Carrie, Bella and Katherine came in—he had planned on them coming here so that he could harvest their power when the time came. In fact, it was revealed that everything in the plot leading up to this moment had been part of his plan, thanks to a shoehorned retcon by his personal lackey, revealed to be Glitchipedia himself.

    Being imprisoned again until Roy needed them, Melanie, Carrie, Bella and Katherine hatched a plan to stop him. Bella suggested that she, Carrie and Katherine could transfer all of their power to Melanie, making her power exactly equal to Roy's. This they did, and a final showdown between Melanie and Roy occurred directly beneath the Hand of God. It was a close match—Melanie ultimately defeated Roy, but just by a hair.

    The remaining heroes took control of Roy's ship and returned home. Joanie soon proposed to Natalie, and the story was expected to come to a complete close following their wedding.

    But although all things do end, they rarely end the way we expect.
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