Manga, anime...

Manga, anime...

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  1. Pidgeot
    This is the place where you can talk about any manga or anime. Here's a starting anime: Digimon.

    Is digimon good or bad?
  2. Iteru
    I havn't watched Digimon in years. I remember it showed after Pokemon did and I had an extreme vendatta against it, thinking it was a complete ripoff. Then I found out that Digimon came first. I was quite embarassed. I know I watched the first season and some of the second one but that's it mostly.
  3. YoungKat
    I don't really know what digimon is....soz......
    What about-
    Dinosaur King
    (2 of the only non-pokemon animes I know lol)
  4. Pidgeot
    Dinosaur King's cool. Apparently their putting the second series on jetix. Probaly finished ih America all!!!

    Actually, Digimon came after it. Well, the anime did. :(

    Has anyone read the manga .hack? It's really cool.
  5. Mr Bobbleweed
    Mr Bobbleweed
    Does anyone remember an anime called Cardcaptors? I used to love that!
  6. Pidgeot
    Yeh, my bro does. He used to see years on citv. He also remembers to Digimon Adventure 2 on citv. You know jetix? The planet pokemon bit on it is probaly the most horrifrying thing ever.
  7. YoungKat
    Does anyone here like Teen Titans? (I know PokemonLegend does) I loved that programme and still do but can't believe they stopped after just 65 eps+1 movie! (Which by the way is awesome!)
    Yh I know the planetpokemon thing that lady gets on my nerves and its annoyin cuz I havent answered a single question wrong yet+those kids are
    a boys
    b older than me!
    I'm lookin forward to the new series of DinoKing but I saw the end in jap and its soo sad....*cries* And yes of course......AMERICA saw it before us......AGAIN!
  8. Dux
    Sorry to be a noob, but what's the difference between 'manga' and 'anime'? Which of these was the cartoon that we watched back when Pokémon started?
  9. Pidgeot
    Manga's a sort of comic, but in japanese style. That's a link to the first pokemon special chapter.

    Now, Anime is a sort of cartoon, but in adventure sort of style. Pokemon and Dino King are animes. And by the way my bro's watchin' mewtwo vs.mew at the moment. We're at the bit where Ash has defeated the Machoke trainer.
  10. Pidgeot
    They've got Pokemon on jetix every weekday morning. Friday's was Team Shocker- I've never realised how cool that episode was. Just for all you guys, this will be the ep list for next week:
    62/10-530.Tanks for the Memories 2/3/09
    When Ash&co get to the maid cafe, Brock tries to teach a maid there how to care for her Miltank.

    63/11-531.Hot Springing a Leak 3/3/09
    Ash &co get to one of Dawn's old friend's house, and they try to find where all the hot water is going.

    64/12-532.Riding the Winds of Change 4/3/09
    Gligars are going on a rampage through the city, and Ash &co try to get them back to the forest. Ash captures a Gligar.

    65/13-533.Sleight of Sand 5/3/09
    Dawn's Pachirisu gets trapped in Hippowdon, and when Butch and Cassidy come, things get even worse.

    66/14-534.Lost Leader Strategy 6/3/09
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