We must stop Team Rocket!

We must stop Team Rocket!

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  1. RainbowSkittles
    Mind if I join you all?
  2. Yoshi-san
    I'll join forces with you!
  3. Iggyness
    I believe in you Red!
  4. Blazaking
    You are all welcome!

    We shall indeed take down Team Rocket!
  5. Aiere
    I'm with you!!
  6. Ryuutakeshi
    Team Fire Red for the win.

    Well, it seems in the 8 hours I slept we have not repelled the rocket menace.

    Fortunately, today can only last so long.
  7. Pokémad
    I agree with Proton. *infiltrates firered base*
  8. IslandWalker
    I'm joining. Let's stop this "Team Rocket"! My fellow Pokemon will help me.
  9. Poké-Gal
    To help my brother Master-Red... I Pokémon Champion Leaf have joined to destroy and crush Team Rocket with everyone!
    I have disguised myself to look like team rocket! They'll never see me coming! Haha! *lol*

    And even though most of you have probably noticed Giovani is out of hiding and is here in the forums! We need to take action...
  10. PlatinumDude
    Breaking news, people! Team Rocket has captured our Arceus!
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