We must stop Team Rocket!

We must stop Team Rocket!

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  1. PlatinumDude
    Seriously, Proton, get outta here.

    Anyway, have you thought of a plan to stop Team Rocket, Red?
  2. Chebon
    I accept your invitation to be apart of this glorious team!

    We shall crush Team Rocket!

  3. Rocker32703
    I'm going to have to take a moment to get some sleep, and go to church, and go recieve my SoulSilver. But once I'm back, hopefully Team Rocket will be gone. If not... well, I'm willing to fight.

    Again, my 26 Pokemon and my custom-painted Baron 58 are at your disposal.
  4. MajorTom
    -walks in seeing Red- o-o. wow Ryu dident lie. you realy are here
  5. Envoy
    Ah, Pokemon trainer Red. I've been looking for you. Team Rocket has got to be stopped. I'm here to offer my services. My Pokemon and I are at your disposal. Use us as you will
  6. 062regrahc
    Hello, kind sir, i am Drake, Member of The Hoenn Elite Four and strongest of the four. How may I be of services?
  7. Blazaking
    Welcome, all of you. Your forces are most welcome at this time. Team Rocket stands no chance.
  8. HKim
    Team Red Forever!
  9. Spiny
    Behold! Spiny has Entered! I bring with me Popcorn and Soda! Plus my sigature Charizard to destroy TR!!!
  10. Stardust Reverie
    Stardust Reverie
    Together we shall take down Team Rocket!
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