Favorite characters?

Favorite characters?

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  1. Treemo
    So, who's everyone's favorite characters? Mine is England.

    Seriously, he's awesome. Between the freakish eyebrows, fantasy creatures, and satanic rituals, how can you not love him?

    And then of course there's Russia.
  2. ChinYao
    Ahahaha, I think they all have their traits... hmmm... I guess Russia as a regular character, and Greece.
  3. X Dragoon
    X Dragoon
  4. ChinYao
    I like Russia because he looks so happy and finds delight in the torment of others- but he dreams of being surrounded by sunshine and sunflowers, so he does have a soft side =3.

    And I like Greece because he's laid-back and easy-going, and he always has a cat with him, and he carries a giant cross around, and has awesome mythology.
  5. X Dragoon
    X Dragoon
    Italy has white flags. And pasta. XP
  6. Netto Azure
    Netto Azure
    Sealand and Switzerland Apparently. @.@

    Can change anytime LOL.
  7. lefege
    Russia, England, Germany, Korea, and Italy. My Top 5. <3
  8. Pandasaurus
    I love HRE, he's so adorable XD I also like North and South Italy.
  9. Hideki Hinata
    Hideki Hinata
    North Italy. :3
  10. Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara
    Spain. owo
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