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  1. AlexTheRose
    Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Bipolar, and mild Turrets, all diagnosed and confirmed:-

    • Very strong and excelling intellectually (wow, that covers a lot =/)
    • Very quiet; sociable to a degree with adults but not children my age
    • Being completely oblivious to many sarcastic/otherwise insults from other peers :D

    • Subconsciously exhibits ticks that aggravate others
    • Has zero social skills at all, except on the internet (I love you, Road Runner :D)
    • Obsesses over the computer too much (That's what my mother said anyway)
    • Has trouble switching focus from one task to the other
    • Almost too alert to sounds (it hurts to hear a screech etc, however I can easily listen in on other people's conversations) (note 1)

    Note 1:
    Check out Temple Grandin; she has Autism, and explains almost everything about Autism, including the fact that most Autistic people are extremely alert to one particular sense, such as smell, sound, or touch.
  2. Samwin
    for me, its:

    having major issues in socializing with people of my age group face to face (not so bad online) they see me as a wierd freakish retard

    struggling with maths and anything line/angle related

    practical stuff, ie cooking..

    spacial awareness.

    verbal tasks ie presentations.....

    and controlling my temper sometimes...
  3. Snoozle
    I hear one piece of information on a subject and then get completely addicted to everything to do with it, wanting to absorb and catalogue as much knowledge as I can. Then a short time later, I totally lose all interest.

    It's due to this that I have enormous trouble sticking to any one task for long, as I'm constantly wanting to expand my knowledge and feel like spending too long on any one subject is a waste of time.
  4. AlexTheRose
    I'd like to add some stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Autistic Lucario
    I have many problems with my behavior and personality. Some of those things I can't control. These include:

    1: An irrational fear of bugs, heights, and the dark.

    2: Resistance to authority.

    3: Over-exerting my freedom of speech.

    4: Problems with interpreting social cues.

    5: Narcissism (I assume it means taking a lot of pride in one's self)

    6: Hate losing.

    7: Hate drastic change.

    8: Hate manipulative behavior and personality (boy, do my sister and I get on well).

    9: I used to be very aggressive.

    10: I have no on/off switch when I'm arguing.

    11: Big problems with time limits.

    12: Extremely impacient (combine that with 11).

    13: I live in a borderline between the real world and my fantasy.

    14: Paranoia.

    15: Sometimes very negative.

    16: Easily frustrated and overwhelmed (particularly schoolwork).

    17: I can't really tell if someone is interested or not in what I have to say.

    18: I get frustrated when people don't listen to me (watch out if it gets to that point).
    This is exactly how I am ^^;

    Quote Originally Posted by PokeBiscuit84
    Mine would DEFINATELY be social situations. I have barely any friends and am afraid to start up a conversation with anyone. Also I have trouble with looking at people directly. Most of my teachers understand this but one jerk walked away when he was talking to me because I wasn't looking at him. Some people, apparently, don't believe that Aspergers exists.
    Looks like my dad isn't the only one X| A lot of people have doubts or preconceived ideas about what Autism is. Some uneducated folks (the majority of the population) think it's another form of MR, while others think it's some kind of hoax or made-up diagnosis, i.e. don't believe it's real.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garkago
    What I have:

    9 is inverted. I was too calm and intalkative before, but now practically PMS at anything that moves (and I'm a guy). Everyone wants me the way I used to be, even more retarded.

    I made enemies of my ENTIRE 11th grade class (even the teachers), and I can't even understand why. Also, very poor handwriting and reading comprehension. And I'm not the least bit creative, so I only BARELY got by in English and Art (yet somehow, I got a B+ in French). I get aggrivated when I try anything because I almost always fail. And when I talk, I expect an answer even when the situation doesn't call for one.

    The weirdest thing, to some, is that I never had a love interest in High School. I never went out with, or even talked informally to, any girl I've ever met. I just don't see the appeal in either sex, and others HAD to assume I swing the other way then. But I don't stray any way, and I almost hurt someone for their unnecessary quip.

    Also, I've been considered childish because I never moved into adult subjects and actions. I'm asexual through and through. I still watch cartoons and play Pokémon when the general person my hage claims to have moved on. That's why I joined Bulbagarden: Because I still love Pokémon.
    Yes yes, my third grade elementary school would provoke me and get me worked into a rage to make me look like a fool in front of the entire wing of the school; this, friend, is basically teacher-student retaliation, just like the F my teacher gave me when I practically aced that (and every other) subject. The American school system has zero toleration for people who don't fit in to their "cookie-cutter" that they make "people" out of. I guess I'm glad that I started getting homeschooled before this zero-tolerance policy was put into effect, to say the least. My fourth grade school put me into a B.E.D. class for half of every school day until my mother threatened to bring in a mediator, from which they agreed on bringing a Board of Education representative in. The BoE lady got me out of it, thank heaven.

    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMoondust
    I'm slightly underqualified to have aspergers. Apparently I'm not quite obsessive enough. Which is a bit rediculous.

    I am a sixteen year old girl with a large amount of semi-irrational fears. Dating, driving, langere, being home alone at night, change is devil-sent, big cities, tarantualas (that one's normal), and a large variety of other things.

    I can't stand loud noises. Or spicy food. Pepporoni is often too spicy.

    I'll post more later.
    Quote Originally Posted by treeco123
    I hardly ever talk, I can't spell without spellcheck, when I start reading it is impossible to stop me, I hate change, I HATE loud noises, I hate sports, I hate learning other languages(that's what Google translate's for!), I am very random, oh yes, and I have bad grammar.
    can't think of any more now but there is more.

    my strengths are what I aren't scared of, spiders and scorpions and snails and things.
    by the way, this is a warning, I tend to be very negative.
    I am also very sensitive to sounds. A generally qualified person said that every autistic person has one or two senses that are amplified a lot, and I think for a lot of autistic people it's sound. On the other hand, it's a gift and a curse: I have the ability to easily eavesdrop on conversations behind closed doors.

    Quote Originally Posted by AceTrainerChristy
    I dont know what twist of fate caused this, but with Autism, I have more advantages that disadvantages. It made me smarter, heightened my senses, etc. But I still completely suck at anything Social whatsoever. Its so much easier to socilalize on the internet, which is why I love the Internet.

    I also have a short tempur. Im usually surrounded by adults and I have become very mature. If I meet a child who seems even a little less mature then me, I snap. :P
    I also am (somehow) much more easily sociable with people who are older than me, usually adults.
  5. 137.RADIO
    When I was a kid and they were all telling us our id numbers ( for school) I worrued myself sick wondering how id remember everyones id number, but eventually got past it and sing out my own.

    I think too much, and I end up seeing things wrong like numbers, wording, I even look out to the side and see images like a man in a trenchcoat walking down a brightly lit hallway because it was in some sort of dream when all there really is was a wall of windows and a tree outside.

    Well, weaknesses would be...
    Color combinations. I know aspies can't stand a certain color but I absolutely detest certain color combinations (normally duos). On a small scale it would be colors and their opposites, but the one I hate most is lime green and hot pink in equal or near equal amounts. If its a tiny tiny pink dot on green, then fine, I can take it, but if its lots of dots... good bai sanity.
    I hate watermelons for that reason too.
    Then there is this number game I play, where days with twos and eights are bad, twos or fours are inbetween, and days with one three and or seven are super good. I don't always use the dates though. I pick some random accurance or pattern and assign numbers to it, and if follows one of those rules then that predetermines my mood. I find simple, but I'm listing it here because people have called me bipolar when I change the day's number by picking another pattern.
    Facial expressions. I like voice acting to practice emotions but when I add in face movements this spot in between my eyebrows starts to hurt and I carry my face in the middle of conversation to keep it from turning into a headache.
  6. pokemaster8901
    weakneses: shy
    strengths intelegnt and makes freinds easily without trying
  7. Berrenta
    My weaknesses: I am not that social, get distracted at times, and have an irrational fear of driving and a (lesser) fear of dogs.

    My strengths: I care about others, am pretty intelligent, and can take change.

    I used to have a hard time reading expressions and some figurative language, but I got better at it over the years.
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