Whats your favorite Ash outfit?

Whats your favorite Ash outfit?

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  1. Ashfangirl22
    I always love seeing him seeing in knight type outfits, he's very dreamy in those.
  2. Egghatch
    I like pretty much everything he's worn, especially his swim trunks.
  3. bandage_scizors
    I like all of his outfits, seems Ash is a boxer undergarment person. I have never seen Ash wearing a swimming briefs or regular briefs.
  4. Paladin Elric
    Paladin Elric
    I don't think any of us could imagine him in either. Boxers and swim shorts couldn't fit him more perfectly.
  5. Egghatch
    I agree completely. It would be pretty strange to see Ash in a Speedo. :P
  6. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Of his normal attire, his AG outfit,

    Otherwise, the outfit he wore in one of the DP contests *can't remember which one* was pretty snazzy.

    And his crossdressing outfits are always love~
    Can't wait for the one he has for this region. xD
  7. Ashfangirl22
    HA Kakuna Matata I loved his D/P contest outfit too, wonder if he has it kept some where in his roomXD Of course Ash looks good in every thing he wears though.
  8. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    My favorite "normal" Ash outfits are: His original Kanto/Johto outfit, and his AG/Hoenn outfit.

    My favorite "special occaision" outfits are: the king outfit from "Why? Wynaut!", his tourist outfit from "Gonna Rule The School", the Prince Goldenrod outfit, and the Sir Aaron costume from the 8th movie. ^_^
  9. Nour386
    well 1st comes : sir aaron outfit
    second comes : BW/
    Third: sinnoh/AG

    I did find the cross dressing outfits funny the maid and Juliet (and why couldn't may do this? ) but not Ashley Too weird just (blarrrgggg)
  10. blackpersian

    Ahaha... I kid. Save your bricks...

    I really love his advanced generation outfit and maid outfit. It's so.... <3
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