The shirtless Running gag

The shirtless Running gag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin Elric
    The idea is amusing, but if they're gonna do it frequently, they should try to be creative with it, like on Fresh Prince when Phil threw Jazz out of the house. That was a concept the writers really took advantage of at times.

    Regarding the Bianca gag, one thing they could really do that I know fangirls would go nuts over (which would easily top the raft scene in Holiday Hi-Jynx) would be to start it out with her getting Ash wet and when he's drying his clothes off, a Pokemon could steal them (like what Primeape did with Ash's hat in Primeape Goes Bananas) and for much of the episode, he'd be wearing just his shorts trying to get his clothes back. If that happened, I'd love to see how the fangirls would react.
    This would be a nice twist on the standard "have Ash's badges get stolen right before the League" episode, have his clothes get stolen this region instead.

    Oh oh oh! And maybe it could lead into his crossdressing episode for the region. Like he would have to borrow Bianca's or Iris' clothes until he got his back. (Or Cilan's, I wouldn't mind that either~)

    What prevents me from thinking this could happen is that his clothes aren't really that special in terms of sentimentality this region. I mean, I'm guessing his mom made them, but the reason Ash's original hat was given that whole episode of focus was because it tied into the Pokémon League.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nour386
    yeah but the parents would call this filth and want the show banned or something so their 'babies' aren't contaminated or something or other
    I highly doubt the majority of parents would do that. Maybe a few nut jobs, but most wouldn't care. It's not like their sons have never walked around with nothing but shorts on in hotter temperatures.

    If it was a girl in the same situation, then there may be a problem. [/doublestandard]

    Quote Originally Posted by Nour386
    Not following where you're going with this, but yes, he does. Without that Cafémocha wouldn't have gotten its name. xD

    In-storywise, I chalk that up to him tanning due to traveling a lot, or genetics on hisdad's side. *coughGiovannicough*
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