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  1. Hurricane Kishore
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashfangirl22
    Is any one excited for season 2 of Best Wishes? Freakin

    Who else is excited? Also think hey'll use his older Pokemon?
    Not me ,
    1st of all , Ash entering a tournament that he has 0 chance of winning . Its nothing more then a meaningless tournament meant only for other !
    2nd , I would like a really really cute human girl with coolest personality to fall for Ash ! Not another Pokemon !
    He may or may not use his old pokemon !
    Ash's Traveling companion are nothing more then nuisance !
    I wish writer treat Ash & his 2 rival as a main character rather then his 2 bodyguard !
    Ash start with one Starter while 2 other rival get 2 other starter !
    One of them is a cute girl while another one is a handsome boy !
    And Somehow ''becoming a champion'' get's linked with ''saving the world'' ! !
    Now , That what Kids want !!!
  2. Ashfangirl22
    1. Ash may not win the tournament due to Cynthia and other Eliet four members being in it, however I do think Ash will get farther in this than the others do to have more experince and more powerful Pokemon and evolved Pokemon. Thats why I'm looking forward to this, I see Ash loosing to one of the Eliet four members, this new rival I don't see coming till later maybe half way when we get to the league half.

    2. Pretty human girls fall for Ash every region, May {At the start of AG} Anabel, Angei {D/P} Only one Pokemon has fallin for Ash so far, that was BayLeef which was back in Johto who I hope we see again in this tournament. So its been a while since we've seen this.

    3. LOL I give you Iris at least, shes been a Mary Sue for a good while and always calls Ash a kid thats annoying as heck, I'm really hopping in Best Wishes 2 Ash calls Iris a kid if she doesn't know any of the past generation Pokemon if not it makes her even more of a mary sue.

    4. His rival yah, I'd like it if they did more things for poor Trip. Guy gets more hate than any one and Pokemon treats him like crap compared to even BelXD They should do more things with him but alas, they are probaly replacing him with a new rival now.

    5. ????? Saving the world comes with every thing didn't you know that? Pokemon Master, Pirate King {One Piece} Ninja {Naruto} Whatever the heck Ichigo's goal is {Bleach}

    No matter what the goal is, saving the world seems connected.
  3. Ashfangirl22
    Ash can have a harem can't heXD If they didn't get rid of all the girls he'd already have one HAHA.
  4. bandage_scizors
    Today, it is past midnight, May 22, in Japan, as known in Bulbapedia's Ash trivia, is his birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH/SATOSHI !!!
    If based from the trivia, today is his 27th birthday despite of being 10 years of age as stated on Best Wishes episode 1. Every time I post a birthday message here, fewer Ash fans have responded... Maybe next year, I will continue celebrating Ash's Birthday.

    What is your birthday wish for Ash/Satoshi?
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