Aori Q&A

Aori Q&A

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  1. Infinity Storm
    Infinity Storm
    I was born in Florida :) (That was tour random and seemingly-useless fact for the day, courtesy of the thoughts bouncing around in my head at this very moment due to none other than the amazing power of sheer boredom)

    Anyways, whats your facorite pokemon (This proves that I really cannot think of a better question XD)
  2. Aori
    XDD HAHA, don't worry, random is welcome!!
    That's so cool! :3 where? (if you wouldn't mind sharing, of course XD)

    My favorite Pokémon is and always will be Blacky/Umbreon :D
  3. Nour386
    what's your favourite shipping?
  4. Aori
    AlexandrianShipping is my OTP! :D
  5. Infinity Storm
    Infinity Storm
    I was born in Tampa
  6. Nour386
    I was born in australia! favourite song? and piece of music (no lyrics sung)?
  7. Aori
    Oh, I've been to Tampa! It's lovely :3

    Uhm I change favorite songs a lot XD
    But I guess if I had a couple "stable" favorite songs (that have been my faves for years) it would be these two:
    Coldplay - Yellow - YouTube
    Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles - YouTube

    My favorite piece of music:
    Without You - Yoshiki (Classical) 1/2 - YouTube
    Without You - Yoshiki (Classical) 2/2 - YouTube (it has two parts, it's a ~20 minute song xD)

    thank you for asking! :D
  8. Nour386
    sounds nice.
    favourite anime? (other than pokémon)
  9. Aori
    Oh! That's a hard one. I guess one of my other favorite childhood animes is Shaman King, but I have had many other favorites. To name a few: Prince of Tennis (this one was a very strong obsession, LOL xD), Fullmetal Alchemist, GetBackers. However I haven't been exactly watching a lot of anime lately :x Only a few episodes of Shugo Chara now and then.
    To sum up, I can't decide on a favorite anime XD
  10. Nour386
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