What are you favorite vampires (obviously from other franchises since twilight sucks)

What are you favorite vampires (obviously from other franchises since twilight sucks)

  1. Steel_Justice
    Twilight has really lost sight of what real vampiric badasses are like. Post your fav bloodsuckers or series staring said bloodsuckers here and tell us why they are awesome and why Twilight sucks compared to them.

    For me my favorite vampires are the ones in legacy of kain, dracula from castlevania and bloodrayne.

    Legacy of kain: vampires are more balanced and interesting, the vampires there are weak to sunlight, fire, water(scorches like acid) and impalement which makes it more fun if you are playing as them. The game also has a very interesting plot that spans five games which are all interconnected.

    Dracula from castlevania: Castlevania rocks, Dracula is deliciously hammy, his battle music is epic and even when he is being cheesy he is better than twilight. Look up his what is a man speech and you will agree with me.

    BloodRayne: Rayne is hot, has a sexy voice, is murderous and has mad combat skills unlike edward sucky pants.
  2. Nyokou
    The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, for sure! I also think Aaliyah did a fantastic job of portraying Akasha in the Queen of the Damned movie. Brilliant, brilliant, absolutely stunning performance! Maybe it's just me being hugely biased, but eh, I thought she did well for just her second movie. Such a shame that her life was cut short; I am positive that she would have greatly improved as an actress by now.

    Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula of course - the original and most badass vampire to ever exist in popular culture!

    And last but not least... the vampires of the Underworld series. I seriously don't get why these movies get so much hate though, I think they are fantastic! Especially Kate Beckinsale as Selene. Again, me being biased, but she is just so awesome.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare
    I like Castlevania
  4. Mister Insufferable
    Mister Insufferable
  5. Arc Blader
    Arc Blader
    I've been a longtime Cirque du Freak fan (the books, not that horrid abomination masquerading as a film adaptation).
  6. Robo-Floatzel
    I'm not sure, there are a lot of cool vampires out there, but the best is the original one himself, Count Dracula, the most recognizable of all vampires that served as the template for almost all future vampires that don't sparkle.
  7. Spyspotter
    I'm a fan of Count Chocula.
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