The Anti-Tobacco Club

The Anti-Tobacco Club

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  1. !Tommy
    Welcome to anyone who decides to join this club. I'm astonished by all the warnings and dangers you see that smoking and the like causes serious health risks and still everyday kids are starting up this awful habit. The question is why? Is it to look cool? Is it to look like an adult? I can't figure it out. It seems almost like I'm the only one smoke-free that graduated in my class. I hope that others will join my club and protest these evil products!
  2. Calvin
    I hate tobacco.

    It just seems weird that so many people are dying from it, yet they don't even care.

    We did an event against smoking where we made PSAs that warn people about the dangers of smoking.

    Sign me up!
  3. !Tommy
    Hey! Welcome Cheese!! ^^

    I'm glad you signed up. :D When I was creating this club, I was thinking of calling it Anti-Smoking, but then you still have all those other smokeless things that are just as harmful. I'm glad to see new members. XD

    But my grandfather had suffered a long and painful death due to lung cancer despite quitting smoking for several years. It hurts me a lot.
  4. Nando
    I can't STAND smoking or the smell of it...
  5. !Tommy
    Yay!! Welcome Nando! ^^

    I agree, it's smells awful but some brands are worse than others. The only thing is that I'm actually allergic to cigarette smoke and I start coughing and it gets very hard for me to breathe.
  6. !Tommy
    Hi Pokeyug!

    Welcome to the club!! :) It's great to see more people here. ^^
  7. Pokeyug
    I HATE smoking! It's so stupid that people like it. Just the smell of it literally make me want to throw up. I just don't get how people can do these things! Do people like dying or something?
  8. !Tommy
    They must. lol
  9. Masato
    It is worse for me because my father smokes. This worries me since he could get lung cancer or black lungs and die form it

    Sign me up.
  10. !Tommy
    Hey! Welcome to the club Masato!!

    Yep, smoking doesn't do any good for your health at all. I wish that anybody who smokes now would quit, just so they could extend their lives and to ensure that they won't need oxygen tanks by age 50.
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