What antirelgious quote/slogan/celebrity do you hate the most?

What antirelgious quote/slogan/celebrity do you hate the most?

  1. Umbramatic
    Since we have quite a few members now, I figure we can have some good discussions.
    The title is self explanatory but I have a couple rules:
    1. Tell us why you hate the quote/ slogan/ celebrity. Don't just say " I hate it cuz it suks" or something like that.

    2. Don't post stupid comebacks. Don't even try debunking science. That doesn't work. Talk about how they do things like generalizing religious people as idiots.
  2. Catspring
    Someone said anyone who believed in God belongs in an insane asylum.

  3. Kutomba
    Good grief. A thread about who we hate. Maybe these people have a point -__-
  4. Karamazov
    Some kids in my old biology class kept saying something along the lines of, "Jesus is my favorite fictional character, just like the tooth fairy."

    Fine, that's their opinion. Doesn't change the fact that they were very rude and ended up isolating themselves from the rest of the class for the day.
  5. Umbramatic
    Quote Originally Posted by Gardenia101
    Good grief. A thread about who we hate. Maybe these people have a point -__-
    To tell you the truth, you kind of have a point. Mabye I should close this, or at least change it to "dislike." If it really bothers you that much.

    However, I created this thread, and to an extent this club, so people can vent their frustrations about how religious people are treated by some atheists/agnostics. How can we stand up against bullies if we can't tell other people about how we or other people are bullied?

    Edit: yes, blatant necro is blatant, but I felt like I had to respond to this.
  6. Kouzan
    People who make anti-Christian/anti-religion jokes. Today a Facebook page I was a fan of made a joke saying that Jesus was a vampire who made his disciples vampires. They said the Romans stopped him by nailing him the cross with steaks.
    I unliked the page after reading that. I can't take jokes that offend me or my religion.
  7. P N N K
    P N N K
    I hate it when people claim that they're Christians, but they act like some atheist asshole when they're not around adults.
  8. MizuTaipu
    To be perfectly honest, I can't stand Ricky Gervais. Just check his Twitter account. Yes, we know you're an atheist. Stop talking/bragging about it 24/7.
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