What character teams have you made?

What character teams have you made?

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  1. Karamazov
    Just wondering.

    I made a Tyson team, teams of several Gym Leaders, a Tobias team and a Prof. Juniper team.

    Edit: I probably won't use the Tyson team unless it's requests, since it seems lolbroken.
  2. MizuTaipu
    I've only made a Dent one.
  3. Froakie
  4. Iteru
    I have a working Iris team that I've used in the past and managed to beat some of the lesser skilled serious battlers with.
  5. Bouffalant Herdier
    Bouffalant Herdier
    I've only made a Wake team so far.
  6. Froakie
    Now made a Conway team. :3
  7. Yoshi-san
    Made a Misty team

    I have a Sinnoh Ash team from before when I battled Piggy's Paul team

    I plan to make a Ritchie team soon
  8. Piplup
    I made Dawn's team though with sticking to anime moves only and no items, something that I might change soon depending on how people here will decide to do it
    Other than Dawn, I might try doing Bianca's team later too
  9. Bouffalant Herdier
    Bouffalant Herdier
    Made Paul and Candice teams as well now.
  10. Winterdaze
    I have Candice and Trip teams ready to go.
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