Anime Warstorys

Anime Warstorys

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  1. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    A place to post your battles using Anime Teams. That way we can see how they went. This is my battle against 2NEI. I used Luke's team and 2NEI used Skyla's.

    Luke VS. Skyla

    Iris VS. Crasherwake
    Gotpika and Bouffalant Herdier

    Ash VS. Zoey
    Gotpika VS. 2NEI.

    Iris VS. Cabernet
  2. MizuTaipu
    2NEI basically destroyed me in a Dent vs. Cabernet battle this morning.
  3. Trainer Gabriel
    Trainer Gabriel
    My Barry team got flattened by Bouffalant Herdier's Conway team. But I was using PO for the first time.
  4. 투 애니원
    투 애니원
    This is 2NE1(Zoey) vs Trainer Gabriel(Barry).

    Zoey vs Barry

    I thought I was going to win but then he used that Roserade :(
  5. 투 애니원
    투 애니원
    Iris (Iteru) vs Reggie (2NE1)

  6. Karamazov
    Conway (Croag) vs Tyson (Karamazov)

    Nando (2NE1) vs Tyson (Karamazov)
  7. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    Ash VS. Nando
    Gotpika VS. 2NEI

    Ash VS. Conway
    Gotpika VS. Croag

  8. 투 애니원
    투 애니원
    J vs Skyla
    Bouffalant Herdier vs 2NE1

    J vs Reggie
    Bouffalant Herdier vs 2NE1

    My first draw...
  9. Bouffalant Herdier
    Bouffalant Herdier
    Conway vs Barry
    Bouffalant Herdier vs Trainer Gabriel

  10. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    Langley VS. Reggie
    Gotpika VS. 2NEI

    Rematch Langley VS. Reggie

    Bianca VS. Burgundy
    Gotpika VS. Bouffalant Herdier

    Brock VS. Nando
    Gotpika VS. 2NEI

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