RULES-Read before you join!

RULES-Read before you join!

  1. Aetheria
    Ok!I made this group and I'm in charge!^^ OK, here are the rules:

    1)If you decide to post pictures, no nudity pictures are allowed to be shown.

    2)Be nice,kind and friendly-no need to be rude and nasty.

    3)No triple-posting.You may double-post.If yu want to add something, just press edit on the message you just sent in.

    4)No drug/beer talk unless you ask me too or you are 18 or older.

    5)Any kind of anime or kind of show is allowed to be talked about-just NO SCANS OF MANGA OR DOWNLOADABLE EPISODES.

    6)You may state f you dislike something, but don't hurt others' feelings about it-if you are offended by something, such as a Shipping chat, back away.

    Thats all the rules for now!^^ Have fun, follow the rules, and enjoy!
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