1. WaterUser
    post any codes that you like here in a spoiler, like so:

    I like the clone pokemon code!
  2. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    IV Max
    120747B2 00004800
    020747B4 023C0001
    120747B8 00004700
    023C0000 61284801
    023C0004 BDF8B014
    023C0008 3FFFFFFF
  3. Shiny Shadow Lugia
    Shiny Shadow Lugia
    I just got the AR for the DSi, anybody know if the cloning code is the same?
  4. Gengarblood3
    I think it is the same Shiny Shadow Lugia.
  5. Atara
    Pokémon Diamond:
    Pokémon Modifier:

    L+R, 493-Pokédex#=#, Subtract # from 493 Master Balls in Items Pocket in Bag, Press L, go to grass or in cave.

    Move Modifier:

    L+R, 467-Move Index#=# (here), Subtract # from 467 Heart Scales in Items Pocket in Bag, Press L, go to TM01, use on Pokémon.
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