The worst of the 90's

The worst of the 90's

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  1. The Medicine Cat "猫"
    The Medicine Cat "猫"
    Well I guess will make it open season on the 90's...

    For one a lot of the clothes of the 90's sucked. lol
  2. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Some of the music sucked, but that can be said about every decade really.
  3. AlexandraTheZoroark
    My parents taking pictures of me naked after a bath in 1999.

  4. Nyokou
    I think every parent takes pictures of their kids after a bath, when they're little. It's like... one of the unwritten rules of being a parent, I swear. My mom and dad took pics of my brothers and I when we were little too. In the bath. Naked. It's pretty embarrassing but at least we were cute.

    And yes, 90s fashion was atrocious. It is my least favorite decade in fashion of the 20th century.

    And especially PLAID, ugh!

    I was watching Clueless just the other day, actually.
  5. P N N K
    P N N K
    The 90's: dawning of the Era of Funny Looking Kids in Textbooks with Stupid Names.

    EFLKTSN for short.
  6. Dr. GM
    Let's not forget parachute pants.
  7. Gligar13
    Quote Originally Posted by Game Maker
    Let's not forget parachute pants.
    And MC Hammeh:

  8. Pkmn Breeder mWurld
    Pkmn Breeder mWurld
    The fashion.
  9. Lilac
    The fashion and some of the music
  10. Pikalution
    fashion. i was born in the mid-90's, and looking back and watching videos of me as a kid from the '90s, I couldn't believe what I was wearing. I was like "seriously? I went out in THAT?!" im 16 now, and if I could go back, I'd definitely change my clothes.
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