The best of the 90s?

The best of the 90s?

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  1. Gligar13
    All Star, that song was big when i was a little kid in 1999 and everyone listened to it. Also, the internet in the late 90s, i would in dial into AOL with my grandpas account and get into the internet.
  2. Pikapurple
    Those Furby things. So ugly. But so cute!
  3. new mew
    new mew
    The best thing in the 90's was..............................................................GURUGAMESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. VeggiePopper
    Hell!!! My childhood was in the 90's. Aladdin and Toy Story by Disney, Yoshi's Island (my favorite game ever), watching Dragon Ball... A lifetime, precious memories!!
  5. SweetLittleMew
    Quote Originally Posted by Veggietable
    A lifetime, precious memories!!
    I know what you mean there - memories that will stay with me till the day i die. . . and everything was so much more simpler in the 90s too :(
  6. Pikapurple
    You mean like Pokemon?
  7. Torgetsu Kon
    Torgetsu Kon
    My best memories are of the Powerpuff Girls (Buttercup was awesome!), traveling with my family, the song Blue (Da Ba Dee), by Eiffel 65, and playing Super Nintendo and Playstation at my grandma's house (Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Brothers 3, and the early Crash Banditcoot are still some of the best games ever created.)
  8. Gligar13
    Some more things that were good:
    Cartoon network, i would watch it at my grandmas house on a old tv.....until my mom freaked out and said it was baaaaaaddddd. (this was around 1999)

    Disney, they showed Mickey, Toy Story, and Bugs Life insted of dumb teen idols like Hannah Montanna.

    SEGA Genesis, since the only place i could game was at the doctors, i played games like old baseball games, Alladin (good movie game), or Sonic 2, and i did that from the time when i was 2 or 3 (i still remember) at the burn hospital until my dentist took out their genesis and replaced it with a PS2 and a GCN years later.

    Windows 95, i had good times messing around with it and a pI pc when my grandpa got his p3 in 1998/99.
  9. Mooites
    Im such a 90's kid and fan! I miss back then...

    What was the best thing about the 90's? Everything XD

    Pokemon, Disney Movies, Britney Spears/Backstreet Boys/NSYNC, old cartoons still on KidsWB, PowerPuff Girls, Max eating a 2-headed bug on the playground... oh wait.
  10. pokechamp116
    oh dear god the 90's were awesome! I can't even start to imagine what went on while I was a baby.
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