Free mixed story

Free mixed story

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  1. EeveelutionLover
    Let's try making a story for everyone to write in their thoughts.

    Every person is allowed to write as much as they want as they continue the story but no more than 500 letters/characters.
    No double posting.
    2nd base max for relationships.
    This is not a rp but don't make the story crazy. Which means no godmodding.
    Since everyone can pitch in, bunnying is allowed as the whole point is to continue controlling the main characters to further the story.
    You may add any characters as you wish for interaction.
    Try to make the story flow as best you can.
    Lastly, every post you post, you have to control at least one eeveelution by using them in anyway such as battling or using them to talk.

    I will declare who has won by the person who best follows the rules, and in general, makes good story plots with their writing.
    I will declare when the challenge ends whenever I feel like it. Don't worry, I will post a end date once I think of one.
    I will participate to but I won't crown myself.

    I will start.

    The young eevee woke up from a deep sleep after a busy night last night. She was surprised she did not sleep through the entire day today. She looked up at the sky but could not tell what time of day it was.
  2. Rexasaur
    She rubbed her eyes with her front paw, then gave a yawn as she stretched. The clouds hid the sun behind them, but it was still warm outside. "What should I do today?" she asked herself out loud. Probably see the Pidgy brothers to see if they had had a good night too. She went out of her home, and made her way into the forest.
  3. EeveelutionLover
    She found her legs very heavy to her. She could barely walk without falling over. "Ooo man, I hope the Pidgy brothers aren't like me right now. Not being able to walk sucks, but for birds, not being able to fly must be unthinkable." She thought to herself.
  4. Rexasaur
    The mid-morning breeze was cool on her fur, and the Eevee stopped to feel it rushing across her face, her back, her tail. "It's such a lovely day." she whispered to herself. She took in a deep breath of fresh air through her nostrils, the scent of nature making her feel tingly inside. Then she smelt something that made her think she was in danger, and heard a deep growling coming from the bushes behind her.
  5. EeveelutionLover
    She tensed up in fear. She was in no shape to run. There was nothing to do but to stay where she was. This lovely day was about to be shaped into a day of misery. She sat there and waited and waited for something to happen either she gets attacked or she gets saved.
  6. Rexasaur
    She slowly turned around, and yelped in terror. In front of her was the dark pelt of an adult Mightyhena, bearing his large teeth, a growl coming from his throat. The Eevee backed slowly, one paw at a time, trying to escape this coming menace.
  7. EeveelutionLover
    Autumn feared the worst. Attacking would only end up her probably dead. She continued backing up slowly and secretly used yawn towards the Mightyhena hoping he did not notice the attack.
  8. Rexasaur
    As she backed out, she felt a sharp pain on her rear left paw, and a SNAP. She had stepped on a twig, and at the sound, the Mightyhena's ear twitched and was about to pounce on her, when a ear-piercing cry echoed through the trees. Looking up, she saw the huge shadow of a bird.
  9. Helioptile
    The bird was a braviary. It obviously was a trainers, as they were not native to Sinnoh. Then again, neither were mightyena. It used Sky Drop to lift it up into the air, then dropped it on an unsuspecting Umbreon that had been watching from the shadows. The Umbreon looked extremely mad. It let out a loud, booming cry that could only be Hyper Voice. The Mightyena was flipped over, and the Braviary was almost knocked out of flight.
  10. AmmyDragonair
    The Mightyena slowly climbed to its feet, shaking out its kinked black fur, eyes hot with rage. It advanced on the Braviary, who struggled to regain altitude. The Mightyena leaped and caught the Flying Pokemon in its teeth, and Braviary flinched. The Umbreon in the shadows met Autumn's gaze, and its face softened at her obvious fear. It tilted its head to its side, as though offering to protect her.
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