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    Default Lanette's PC

    Welcome to Lanette's Personal Computer. Our super computers built by the great Pokémon researchers Bill, enhanced by Lanette, and advanced by her sister Brigette are here to help your everyday trainer. You can store your your extra Pokémon and Items here in your very own Pokémon computer.

    Rules for Lanette's PC:

    PC Access (Total of 44 PC Slots / Overall total of 50 Team Positions)
    - You may access your PC immediately upon joining Fizzy Bubbles.
    - You may store up to 49 Pokémon in your PC (you must always carry one Pokémon on your person). When you reach this limit you cannot add more unless you have Elite slots available.
    - Pokémon in the PC are NOT considered a part of your active team.
    - You CANNOT use PC Pokémon in any Zones, Trainer Battles, Contests, or any other RP related event.
    - You CAN use PC Pokémon in shops (as they are not considered active team members)
    - You can store infinite Items in the PC.
    - Only make ONE post and edit it when you need to withdraw or deposit Pokémon and Items.
    - When withdrawing or depositing leave a short description of your action in the "Reason for Editing:" box as a record.

    Lanette's Elite Upgrade (+1 PC Slot for each Lv.100 Pokémon owned)
    - For each Lv.100 Pokémon you own, you will receive 1 additional PC Slot (1 Lv.100 = 50 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 51; 2 Lv.100's = 51 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 52; etc.)
    - If one of your Lv.100 Pokémon are traded or released, you WILL lose the extra PC Slot it gave you.

    For example:
    You have 56 Pokémon and 16 of those are Lv.100.
    16 Lv.100 Pokémon gives you 16 Elite Slots.
    50 + 16 = 66 which means you can hold up to 66 Pokémon on your current team so still have room to add another 10 Pokémon.

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    Lannette's PC
    Pokemon Stored:

    Kage (M) Lv.54
    Type: Ghost/Poison
    Nature: Adamant
    Hold: Lightsaber, Dragon Fang
    Location: Daycare
    Cool Stats: One-Hundred. [Maximum]
    LU's: Lick, Hypnosis, Spite, Curse, Night Shade, Shadow Punch,
    Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Nightmare, Mean Look(63)
    EM's: Psywave, Perish Song, Haze, Will o' Wisp, Astonish
    MT's: Ice Punch, Explosion
    TM's: Torment, Dragonbreath, Thunderbolt,
    Teleport, Dragon Rage, Psychic, Frustration, Taunt, Blizzard, Safguard
    SA's: Levitate - Pokémon with this Trait can float in the air, thereby avoiding all Ground type attacks.
    Bio: A Sith with a harsh personlity and a twisted sense of humour, Kage has always held a love for battle - although recent training seems to have encouraged this trait. An aggresive fighting style involving aerial dynamics is something Kage developed from the Jedi fighting style of Vaapad, and while it is not yet mastered, this strategy is put into good use with his Levitate ability.

    Scizor - Grievous (M) Lv.48
    Type: Bug/Steel
    Nature: Adamant
    Hold: Dual Lightsabers, Silver Powder
    Location: Move Tutor
    LU's: Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe,
    Agility, Wing Attack(26-Scyther), Metal Claw, Slash, Swords Dance,
    Double Team(41-Scyther), Iron Defense, Fury Cutter
    EM's: Reversal, Light Screen, Silver Wind, Razor Wind
    MT's: Swift, Double Edge, Mimic, Endure, Cut
    TM's: Zap Cannon, Ice Beam, Frustration, Bullet Seed, Aerial Ace
    SA's: Swarm - When the HP of a Pokémon with this Trait falls below 1/3 it's total HP, that Pokémon's Bug type attacks will do 1.5x damage.
    Bio: As a scyther, Grievous's life had been a simple one: hunt, battle, feast and shed blood. A proud warrior, the bug type had been constantly searching for powerful opponents to battle, but no problems had arisen because of this. Until one day. In a dramatic battle in the Bar, facing a powerful nidoking, who's enraged temperment had been fueled prior to the clash, Grievous's body had been completely destroyed. Barely alive, James had been prompted to evolve the scyther by Kage, as the new metallic body would be able to stand the pressure of the wounds. However, what James didn't know was that Kage had orchestrated the whole event, pulling strings until a powerful pupil had emerged - the scizor now fitted that role perfectly. Despite James' ignorance, Grievous suspected the Sith of causing the incident; even so, ever since the event, he has been learning from the Sith, honing his skills, and each and every day becoming more powerful. Why Grievous accepts the help is a mystery, but one that is sure to be unveiled eventually, as James doubts that one such as "General" Grievous would ever let the cuts, scratches and scars that cover his metallic body... be forgiven.

    Ryu (M) Lv.50
    Type: Fire
    Nature: Quiet
    Hold: Blackbelt
    Location: Active Team
    LU's: Ember, Leer, Smog, Fire Punch, Smokescreen,
    Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Fire Blast(57)
    EM's: Karate Chop, Barrier, Cross Chop, Body Slam
    MT's: Seismic Toss, Dynamic Punch, Skull Bash
    TM's: Thunder Punch, Mega Punch, Swords Dance
    SA's: Flame Body - When a Pokémon with this Trait is attacked with a Contact Move, there is a 30% chance of the attacker becoming Burned.
    Bio: Although one of the largest pokemon on James's team, Ryu has always had a timid nature - it may have stemmed from being around confident pokemon like Jiroubi and Kodou, who, despite their size's, were always self assured, making Ryu feel weak in comparison. His lack of confidence in himself has caused problems in the past, but since evolution the fire type has been standing up for himself more often. However, the stutter in his voice remains, and James is begininng to wonder if it will ever fade.

    Level five Swablu (f).

    Items stored:

    You have one new message!

    From: P/
    Subject: Read this - urgent.

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    Default Well, would you look at that? I have my PC!

    Joe's PC
    Basic PC: Acquired
    PC Upgrade: Acquired
    Elite Upgrade: Acquired x4
    Elite (Lv. 100) Pokemon: Ninetales, Plusle, Banette, Charizard

    Total Number of Slots:
    Sixteen (16)

    Number of PC Slots:
    Ten (10)

    Pokemon in PC:
    Espeon (F) Lv. 36
    Vulpix (M) Lv. 05
    Plusle (F) Lv. 100
    Banette (F) Lv .100
    Flygon (M) Lv. 50
    Scizor (M) Lv. 26
    Charizard (F) Lv. 100

    More Information
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    Pokémon in PC:

    Shedinja (M) (Lv 25) (Adopted as a Lv 15 Nincada - Ownership rights granted after Adoption Center reset)
    Nickname: Shinin
    Type: Bug/Ghost
    Level Up Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, Spite
    Egg Moves: Silver Wind, Faint Attack
    Current Location: PC
    Last edited by Archaic; 13th February 2006 at 04:29 AM. Reason: Now that I have my PC for real, restoring this post, and depositing Shinin
    神出鬼没 - shin shutsu ki botsu

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    Default Elite Upgrade Unlocked!

    Gary's Pokemon PC
    Entry Code: *******
    Status: PC Elite Upgrade V.7.0
    Pokemon in Storage: 13
    Items in PC: 0

    Log History:
    PC Unlocked: Quilava, Flaaffy, Ninjask, Cacnea, Stantler, Horsea
    Upgrade Unlocked: Typhlosion, Ninjask, Stantler
    Elite Upgrade Unlocked: Typhlosion, Stantler, Ninjask, Ampharos, Queendra, Cacturne, Houndoom

    Typhu --> lv.100 Typhlosion
    Amph --> lv.100 Ampharos
    Kratos --> lv.34 Golduck
    Shuri --> lv.100 Ninjask
    Thorn --> lv.100 Cacturne
    Scurvy --> lv.23 Aipom
    Buru --> lv.11 Smeargle
    Rena --> lv.100 Stantler
    Coco --> lv.25 Tropius
    Flare --> lv.100 Houndoom
    Devi --> lv.100 Queendra
    Aero --> lv.17 Mantine
    Raphael --> lv.36 Blastoise
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    Default Rayne's PC [v3.3]

    PC Unlocked: Blaziken, Scyther, Carvanha, Tauros, Sneasel, Cacnea
    Upgrade: Blaziken, Sharpedo, Cacturne
    Elite Upgrades: Blaziken, Sharpedo, Cacturne

    Active Pokemon:
    ~ Poison Nature Egg
    ~ Rapidash
    ~ Chimchar
    ~ Weavile
    ~ Salamence
    ~ Absol

    Stored Pokemon:
    ~ Ninetales
    ~ Manectric
    ~ Cacturne
    ~ Arcanine
    ~ Blaziken
    ~ Tauros
    ~ Houndoom
    ~ Sharpedo
    ~ Scyther
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    Default Adam's PC

    Name: Adam
    Join Date: July 27, 2005
    Total Slots: 7
    Upgrades: see below
    PC Access: Confirmed
    Lanette's Upgrade: Confirmed
    Elite Upgrade:
    1 Slot Confirmed

    Name: Sneasel (F) (obtained: here)
    Level: 5
    Status: PC
    Hold Item: None
    Lives In: Pokeball
    Beauty Points: 0
    Natural Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack (8), Screech (10), Faint Attack (14), Fury Swipes (21), Agility (24), Icy Wind (28), Slash (35), Beat Up (38), Metal Claw (42), Ice Shard (49)
    TM Techniques: N/A
    HM Techniques: N/A
    MT Techniques: Swords Dance, Double-edge, Counter, Mimic, Dream Eater, Substitute, Dynamicpunch, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud-slap, Ice Punch, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter
    ET Techniques: Counter, Spite, Foresight, Reflect, Bite, Crush Claw, Fake Out, Double Hit, Punishment, Pursuit, Ice Shard, Ice Punch
    AM Techniques: N/A

    Name: Burmy (M) (obtained: here)
    Level: 1
    Status: PC
    Hold Item: None
    Lives In: Pokeball
    Beauty Points: 0
    Natural Attacks: Protect, Tackle (10), Hidden Power (20)
    TM Techniques: N/A
    HM Techniques: N/A
    MT Techniques: N/A
    ET Techniques: N/A
    AM Techniques: N/A

    Weepinbell (M) (obtained: unknown; likely on UPN before crash)
    Level: 23 (latest level achieved here)
    Status: PC
    Hold Item: None
    Lives In: Pokeball
    Beauty Points: 0
    Natural Attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Acid, Knock Off (27), Sweet Scent (29), Gastro Acid (35), Razor Leaf (39), Slam (41), Wring Out (47)
    TM Techniques: N/A
    HM Techniques: Cut
    MT Techniques: Swords Dance, Double-edge, Mimic, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk
    ET Techniques: Swords Dance, Encore, Reflect, Synthesis, Leech Life, Ingrain, Magical Leaf, Worry Seed, Tickle
    AM Techniques: N/A

    (F) (obtained: here)
    Level: 20 (latest level achieved here)
    Status: PC
    Hold Item: None
    Lives In: Pokeball
    Beauty Points: 0
    Natural Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Gust, Supersonic, Whirlwind (22), Psybeam (24), Silver Wind (28), Tailwind (30), Safeguard (34), Captivate (36), Bug Buzz (40)
    TM Techniques: N/A
    HM Techniques: N/A
    MT Techniques: Double-edge, Mimic, Dream Eater, Substitute, Snore, Endure, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift
    ET Techniques: N/A
    AM Techniques: N/A
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    Pumpkin PC Upgrade

    PC Requirements:
    Level 5o Ledian

    PC Upgrade:
    Level 5o Blastoise & L50 Magmortar.

    Active Party:
    Slot o1: Blastoise
    Slot 02: Magmortar
    Slot 03: Bulbasaur
    Slot 04: Ledian
    Slot 05: Salamence
    Slot 06:

    PC Upgrade:
    Slot o1: Sh. Lickitung
    Slot o2: Slaking
    Slot o3: Scizor
    Slot o4: Kricketot
    Slot 05: Porygon
    Slot 06: Poochyena
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    Default Computer Status ~ Elite PC (7 Slots)

    Torkoal Stu's PC
    ID Number: 4 8 15 16 23 42 (Execute) <--- (XD Lost :O)
    1.Pokémon Slots
    2.Item Store
    3.Important FB Links

    Basic PC Status: Unlocked
    Upgraded PC Status: Unlocked
    Elite Upgrade PC Status: Unlocked One

    ~Pokémon Slots~
    Slot 1: Mankey (Level 1, Male)

    Slot 2: Torkoal (Level 100, Male)

    Slot 3. Beautifly(Level 41, Female)

    Slot 4. Dragonair (Level 30, Female)

    Slot 5. Wormadam (Level 20, Female)

    Slot 6. Corsola(Level 33, Female)

    Slot 7. Solrock (Level 45, Genderless)

    ~Item Store~
    None D:

    ~Important Links~
    Torkoal Stu Regi Post
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    PC... Unlocked

    Pok&#233;mon Stored
    Lv.5 Njami&#233;, Male Wingull
    Lv.50 Noche, Male Salamence
    Lv.26 Liebe, Female Nidoqueen
    Lv.25 Calavera, Male Sableye
    Lv.5 Tatsa, Male Wurmple
    Lv.5 Mushi, Male Phanpy
    Lv.25 Nikoro, Male Vigoroth

    The Egg House History:
    10/12/05 - Ghost Mistery Egg - Female Sableye
    02/01/06 - Ice Glacier Egg - Male Spheal
    21/01/06 - Normal Pound Egg - Male Girafarig
    15/05/06 - Dragon Mistery Egg - Female Swablu
    06/08/06 - Ghost Mistery Egg - Male Nincada
    28/08/06 - Poison Nature Egg - Male Nidoran
    22/09/06 - Normal Pound Egg - Female Pidgey
    10/12/06 - Ghost Mystery Egg - Male Sableye
    22/01/07 - Ghost Mystery Egg - Male Duskull
    19/02/07 - Enigma Egg - Female Lapras
    11/03/07 - Core Egg - Female Magby
    16/04/07 - Pound Egg - Female Sentret
    03/06/07 - Pound Egg - Male Sentret
    25/06/07 - Dragon Mystery Egg - Female Bagon
    17/07/07 - Fighting Pound Egg - Female Meditite
    Last edited by Nash MOMO; 2nd September 2007 at 08:23 PM. Reason: Depositing Njamié, withdrawing Saulot

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    As of this post I have now unlocked three slots of PC :)

    Unlock History:
    Lanette's PC - Magneton, Fearow, Octillery, Sceptile, Nuzleaf, Numel

    PC (current slots - 3):
    Slot 1:
    Lvl.33 Female
    Slot 2:
    Lvl.09 Female
    Slot 3:
    Lvl.13 Female
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    Looky I have offically unlocked teh PC.

    PC Level Unlocked:
    Regular PC

    Pokemon Unlocked With:
    Charmeleon, Spheal, Electrike, Trapinch, Golem, Corphish

    Pokemon In PC:

    Slot One:

    Manectric Male LV.26

    Slot Two:


    Slot Three

    Fizzy Bubbles

    Level 28~Level 25~Level 28~Level 26~Level 25
    Level 25

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    Default 3/7 full

    Unlocked the P.C. way back when, but lost the post when UPN got redone and what not, so yeah. moving my P.C. post here, to my homeboard.
    Basic P.C.:Unlocked[Masquerain,Swampert,Magmortar,Claydol,Salamence,Lombre](+3)
    P.C. Upgrade:Unlocked[Masquerain,Swampert,Magmortar](+3)
    Elite Slots:Unlocked[Masquerain](+1)

    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Slot 4
    Slot 5
    Slot 6
    Slot 7
    -x1 special edition Ice Master Ball[link]
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    Lanettes Upgrade Unlocked

    Active Team
    Eevee (Aurora)
    Eevee (Twilight)
    Charmander (Cinder)
    Sandshrew (Dusty)

    PC Pokemon
    Taillow (Jet)
    Pidgey (Valiant)
    Flareon (Mirasol)
    Poochyena (Akela)
    Vulpix (Kyubi)
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    Default Kami's PC

    Lanette's PC: Unlocked (with Lv.50 Aipom, Lv.4 Girafarig, Lv.8 Numel, Lv.1 Chikorita, Lv.1 Swinub, and Lv.3 Meowth)
    Lanette's Upgrade: Unlocked (with Lv.50 Aipom, Lv.50 Ariados, and Lv.50 Meowth)
    Elite Upgrade: 2 Unlocked (with Lv.100 Aipom and Lv.100 Ariados)

    Slot 1:
    Lv. 19 Lombre ♂
    Slot 2:
    Lv.27 Castform ♂
    Slot 3:
    Lv.7 Girafarig ♂
    Slot 4:
    Lv.100 Aipom ♂
    Slot 5:
    Lv.50 Meowth ♂
    Slot 6:
    Lv.27 Swinub ♂
    Slot 7:
    Lv.2 Rotom -
    Slot 8:
    Lv.4 Bulbasaur
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