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    Default Zeb's Collection

    I've finally decided to post a thread before I sell most of this stuff.

    I've not been collecting as long as most other people, but I have a fair amount.

    I am going to be selling most of this stuff and just sticking to collecting my favourite Pokemon (Slowpoke/Slowbro, Skrelp/Dragalge, Mawile/Mega Mawile, Hawlucha and a few others), so I really wanted to post some photos of all this stuff before it goes/if it goes. I mostly went a bit silly and just got caught up buying stuff, that in retrospect, I don't actually want. So yeah. Lots of stuff here I wouldn't have bought in retrospect.

    (Also some of the photos ended up really blurry, not sure if it was the lighting but I'll take better photos at a later time.)

    I'll start off with the collections of my favourite Pokemon and then after that just list everything else. A lot of my stuff is also unopened, so beware for lots of photos of things still in its packaging.

    Skrelp and Dragalge
    • My two favourite Pokemon, sadly don't have much merch :/
    • Skrelp Pokekids(?) figure. Those little hollow figures you get.
    • Two Dragalge trading cards (they're in sleeves and one is on the reverse I'm just too lazy to turn it over for more photos)
    • Three Skrelp trading cards (same as above, another on the reverse)
    • Living in hope they will get plushies but it looks really unlikely :(

    Slowpoke, Slowbro and Mega Slowbro
    • Well this is the only merch I have of them at the moment, but it's easily the favourite plush I have because it's so cute.
    • Slowpoke Pokedoll!
    • I have bought the new Mega Slowbro plush that was just released, but it hasn't arrived yet (and hasn't been dispatched either, for that matter >:l ). I'll take a better photo of the two when it arrives.
    • This collection is going to expand as I get more things for it. I do have a couple of Slowpoke + Slowbro trading cards, but I couldn't put my hands on them earlier, so they're probably mixed up somewhere.

    Mawile and Mega Mawile
    • Mawile and Mega Mawile Moncolles.
    • Mega Mawile Pokekids(?)
    • Fairy Collection Mawile (inside the ball in the lower right). It's a little Mawile figure.
    • Finally Mawile is getting some attention. I have the new Mawile mascot plush ordered, but again, like the Mega Slowbro, it hasn't arrived yet. Neosquid has it in his thread iirc.
    • I'll probably buy some of Mawile's trading cards eventually. Maybe when Mega Mawile gets a card.

    • Why the hell is there no Hawlucha PokeDoll yet?????????
    • Hawlucha plush at the top, not sure on its exact name, pretty sure it's an anime-based plush tho.
    • Hawlucha "Oops!" plush (I think?) just over to the left, partially cut off.
    • Hawlucha Pokekids (I'm just going to call them this from now on)
    • Hawlucha Moncolle on the right
    • A bunch of Hawlucha trading cards including one of the special movie pack cards

    Glalie and Mega Glalie
    • Nothing yet :(
    • Oh hell they better make some Glalie and Mega Glalie merch >:(



    Froakie and Greninja
    • I went through a phase where I bought loads of Greninja stuff. No idea why, I guess because there it was guaranteed to get stuff with it being popular.
    • Greninja and Froakie Pokedolls over on the right.
    • Greninja Moncolle.
    • Greninja and Froakie Pokekids.
    • Two movie merchandise - the boxes that have Diancie, Delphox etc on. One is a Greninja keychain, the other is a Greninja figure.
    • Greninja TCG tin.
    • A bunch of Greninja trading cards.
    • I don't want any of these, I regret buying them xD

    Clauncher and Clawitzer
    • Clauncher and Clawitzer plushies. Not sure what exactly, I can tell they aren't Pokedolls though.
    • Clauncher Pokekids
    • I think I have a Clawitzer trading card somewhere, don't remember

    Xerneas and a random Yveltal
    • Xerneas Pokedoll along with a random Yveltal which I have no idea why I bought
    • Just a bunch of Xerneas trading cards

    Inkay and Malamar
    • I was going to start collecting these on a bigger scale, but something stopped me. Which I'm happy about, though Inkay is too cute.
    • Two Inkay Pokekids - one using Topsy-Turvy, the other just standard.
    • Malamar Pokekids.
    • Some trading cards. I think one of them is a special from McDonalds.

    • Zangoose Pokemon Time plush. The plush is a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I bought it.
    • Zangoose Pokemon Time keychain.

    Manectric and Mega Manectric
    • Mega Manectric Moncolle.
    • Manectric Pokekids
    • A massive assortment of Manectric cards. Most are double-sided sleeves like the Dragalge/Skrelp earlier. I haven't bought the new Mega Manectric/Manectric cards from the latest sets yet though. I probably will. I like collecting Manectric stuff, so this might be one I keep going with rather than selling.
    • Pls make plush :(

    Chespin and Chesnaught
    • Chespin and Chesnaught Pokedolls. I bought these because I thought they were cute... so yeah, I regret buying them.
    • Chespin Pokekids. You're probably wondering why there's so many Pokekids, well I'll explain that later.

    • Deoxys Pokedolls: all four different formes.
    • Some sort of figure idk
    • Deoxys trading cards - literally millions. Thanks for having so many formes :/
    • Deoxys trading card tin.
    • 100% don't want this collection and have no idea why I bought it all because I don't even like Deoxys really.

    • Completely went crazy here and I'm not sure why.
    • 12" Thundurus plush
    • A bunch of Thundurus trading cards (again, double-sided in the sleeves)
    • Thundurus-Therian Moncolle (or something similar)
    • Thundurus Pokekids
    • Some weird little Thundurus MPC plush I think
    • Thundurus Battrio? Idk what it it is, it's the figure with some sort of disc
    • Thundurus TCG tins
    • Thundurus TCG packet (unopened :0)
    • Again, no idea why I bought so much stuff. I don't want any of it xD

    Serperior and Samurott
    • Just paired these two for the photo bcos Unova starters.
    • Serperior Pokedoll (I think) and Samurott Pokedoll
    • Serperior on the left is a UFO plush iirc

    • A ridiculous amount of Entei trading cards.
    • I never managed to get a plush or figure of it because they were always WAY too expensive when I saw them.

    • Double-sized Toxicroak TCG sleeves.
    • Again, not sure why I bought these and these will be one of the first things I sell.

    Random bunch of Pokekids
    • I bought Pokekids bulk sets, for whatever reason. This explains why I have a bunch of random Pokekids figures to go with stuff. The figures in the image above are ones I don't want, so I could have just bought the ones I did want separately. But whatever. These are also the first things to go.


    • Politoed Jakks plush(?)
    • Politoed Pokemon Time tin

    Massive bunch of plushies
    • Random ones I bought for whatever reason. The majority of these are going to be sold.
    • Galvantula MPC, Ho-oh UFO, Togekiss Pokedoll, Electivire UFO, Snover Pokedoll, Noctowl Pokedoll, Porygon-Z UFO, Whimsicott Pokedoll, some Sudowood plush, Wobbuffet Pokedoll, Duskull Pokedoll, Delibird Pokedoll, Munchlax Pokedoll, Zoroarok Pokedoll, Roserade UFO, Bisharp Pokedoll, then I Love Gothic Absol + Gengar + Weavile + Umbreon.

    • I Love Gothic Chandelure plush.
    • I had to buy the entire five set for I Love Gothic (which explains the Weavile, Umbreon, Gengar and Absol in the image above) when I only wanted this Chandelure. It's a great plush tho, very soft. I am keeping it, but the others from the ILG set in the image above are going because I didn't want them to begin with.

    Pancham and Pangoro
    • Pancham Pokedoll. Bought because it looks cute.
    • Pancham and Pangoro Pokekids (who saw this coming!)

    Some random Super Mario plushies
    • Not a Pokemon collection, but I thought I'd include these anyway.
    • I really love the Bob-omb, Blooper and Boo, but I'm not so bothered for the others tbh. I think it was "buy x many and get x many free", so that's why I bought the others. Petey Piranha is ok I guess.

    Things I'm wanting to buy/have on the way:
    Guess I might as well include this
    • I Love Gothic Banette plush. I REALLY want this, I love Banette and I have Banette + Mega Banette Moncolles on their way too. The plush seems very rare tho, so I might not ever get my hands on one.
    • Mismagius Pokedoll. Saw one of these on eBay but it sold before I could buy it. Seem rare too.
    • Heracross UFO plush. Bought this the other day and it's REALLY rare apparently, so I'm super excited because Heracross is a favourite. Will photo when it arrives.
    • Mega Slowbro plush and Mawile mascot plush. I mentioned these above, not sure when they'll arrive though, but I'll take new photos when they do.
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    Default Re: Zeb's Collection

    Holy hell Liam I never knew how large your collection really was! XD I've seen bits and pieces of it over the years but it seems so large when all brought together!

    Have you seen the Slowpoke theme for the 3DS? I have it and it's sooooooooo worth it :'Dc
    I love how you have impressive arrays of collections that you don't even like xD I'm kind of like that too lol I have these freaking pikachu plush ect. that I don't even collect? But they just keep growing?? Lol doesnt help that I collect mega char-y and now there's a plush of pikachu in a char-y hoodie hahahaha

    I hope to see more pics of your stuff as they come in the mail :D/

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    Default Re: Zeb's Collection

    Wow your collection is huge, everything is adorable too. I really love the slowpoke, porygon-z, whimsicott, and chandelure plushes. Though I gotta say I can definitely relate to buying something because I like it then regretting it later. x)

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