Some pics of my new Scrafty plush. :)
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Thread: Some pics of my new Scrafty plush. :)

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    Red face Some pics of my new Scrafty plush. :)

    Hey all, I just received a new Pokemon plush from this amazon listing today and I'm really excited about it, so I thought I would show you all some pics!

    Now, I don't necessarily care about the legitimacy of this Pokemon plush because, well, it doesn't look like it's made out of spare parts, it doesn't smell like garbage and it's super soft and adorable. Now, onto the pics!

    Here's a front view, using my DS for reference. The listing says he's about 12 inches tall, but from tip of his tail to top of his little red mohawk, he might be a little taller.

    I'm sorry the images are so big. I don't have a way to resize them. I hope you enjoy the pics anyway! :)

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    Default Re: Some pics of my new Scrafty plush. :)

    That's a lot cuter that I thought Scrafty would be. Your so lucky, I love that.


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