Should I collect Pokemon Battrio coins?
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Thread: Should I collect Pokemon Battrio coins?

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    Question Should I collect Pokemon Battrio coins?

    There used to be a Pokemn arcade game in Japan called, Pokemon Battrio which was a fighting game. It has been discontinued and replaced by an enhanced version called, Pokemon Tretta.

    Both games require the use of special Pokemon coins. I am considering collecting the Pokemon Battrio coins.

    People don't care much about these coins in the collector's market.

    If these coins have any potential of appreciation in the future, I want to collect them.

    Do you think these Pokemon Battrio coins will be valuable in the future?

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    Default Re: Should I collect Pokemon Battrio coins?

    They may, they might not.

    Personally I don't think you should collect something based on it's monetary value in the future- collect them because you like them!

    I have a handful of the Battrio coins, they can be bought pretty cheaply in various places. I have them mostly for the Pokemon that I already collect (Tepig, Munna) and idk? They're cute, pretty easy to find, and a cheap thing to collect if you want a whole bunch of different Pokemon.
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