RULES: Pokémon Toys & Collectibles Rules (Updated 6-18-13)
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Thread: Pokémon Toys & Collectibles Rules (Updated 6-18-13)

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    Default Pokémon Toys & Collectibles Rules (Updated 6-18-13)

    Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Toys and Collectibles forum!!

    We no longer allow selling or buying here on the forums. You may do so privately if you wish, but not in the threads here. We've linked to plenty of places to buy (and even sell) Pokémon merchandise elsewhere, see below for more info.

    As you can see, we have several stickies that can help you if you are new to Pokemon collecting.

    First off, where to buy authentic Pokémon goods, even from the Pokémon Center in Japan! You can read all about that in the Where To Buy Authentic Pokémon Goods thread!

    The Pokemon Center promotion thread is where new promotions are posted about and can be discussed.

    The How to Spot a Bootleg thread is a basic guide on how to spot legitimate merchandise, licensed by Game Freak, compared to bootlegs that are NOT official merchandise. This thread will be left open so that if you are unsure if something you want to buy is a bootleg or not, you can post and get a second opinion. I will also expand this thread with more examples once I have the time!

    Everyone can post their own collection thread and post to it whenever they get something new. Collection threads must include photos, do not simply list off things you have. We want to see them! You are all free to comment on one another's collections, but do not show off your own collection in someone else's thread, which will be covered more in the rules listed below.

    When making a collection thread, you are not mandated to, but it'd be fun if you included the following:

    - What Pokemon/characters do you collect? Why?
    - When did you start collecting?
    - Favorite thing in your collection?
    - First collection item?


    Multiple Posting (2 points, 1 month)
    Each post should be unique; please do not post twice in a row if you do not have new information to post.

    You may, however, double post if you have something new to add to your collection, a new sale you want to add to your thread, or something new in the Pokemon Center thread. However, do not double post to bump your thread. In collection posts, please wait 24 hours before posting again; if you want to add something, please just edit your previous post.

    Incoherent/Unreadable Post (2 points, 1 month)
    All posts and thread titles should be readable with a basic level of grammar, presentation, and coherence.

    Posts should be made in English, although exceptions such as posting Japanese descriptions and item names, are allowed. Linking to Japanese websites is also allowed.

    Advertising (3 points, 1 month)
    Users should only advertise websites, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. in either their signature or blog as opposed to in a post.

    Pointless Post (3 points, 1 month)
    All posts have to say something useful and be relevant to the thread topic or the discussion.

    With the advent of the “like” button, just saying “I agree,” or any equivalent, to a post is a pointless post. Please add more thought to your posts.

    You may post to comment that you like something in someone's collection, but don't use it as a place to complain about lack of money for things, etc. You may also ask where they acquired it, when, etc.

    But most importantly, do not hijack someone's thread to show off your own collection. You can make your own thread to do that. Posts like this will result directly in an infraction. You are allowed to mention that you also collect a certain Pokemon/character, but hijacking someone else's collection thread in favor of yours is strictly prohibited.

    Flaming & Baiting (5 points, 3 months)

    Do not attack others for any reason; make fun of their collections, or talk about purposely destroying merchandise.

    Inappropriate Content (5 points, 3 months)
    Posting humorous pictures of graphic violence or sex is regarded as inappropriate content.

    Don't take nudes with your collection. Enough said.

    Violent Acts (10 points, 4 months)

    Do not make violent threats against another user if they have something that you want, or for any other reason.

    Graphic Imagery (10 points, 4 months)

    Users should not post images, videos or links to sites that depict genitalia, nude female-like nipples or sex acts.

    Again, no nudes with your collection, or inappropriate pictures in general. Do not post photos of you destroying merchandise, either.

    That's pretty much it! Have fun showing off your collections!
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