My New Poke pic frame collection
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Thread: My New Poke pic frame collection

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    Default My New Poke pic frame collection

    Not sure if this place is purely for doll collectors but since I'm quite happy about these I though I'd put them here to show people.


    I'm shortly moving house and the GF decided she was going to be in charge of decorating the living room but that I could sort out the stairway.

    So naturally I though "GIANT PIKACHU POSTER". She did warn me it had to be quality framed items if I was to put anything up. So ofc I imported a number of the small film promotion posters from Japan and mounted them in some nice black glass frames I bought off ebay. I think they'll look really cool lining the stairway in my house. Even the GF kind of likes them.

    Ofc now I want a Extreme speed genesect, Master of illusion and Rise of Darkrai picture but I think the GF might beat me up...

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    Default Re: My New Poke pic frame collection

    @Codface; Nope, any kind of Pokemon collection is fine! Those posters do look really nice framed :3
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    Default Re: My New Poke pic frame collection

    Ok thats good :)

    Thanks for the nice comment.

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    Default Re: My New Poke pic frame collection

    Big props to anyone who decorates their house with Poke-stuff! I know that's what I'm gonna do when I finally move into my own place for good! (and will probably decorate my office/ cubicle too!)

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    Default Re: My New Poke pic frame collection

    These look great! I'm jealous, I'd love to have some of those in my room. <3
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