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    Default A Guide to Pokemon Merchandise

    This thread is meant to only be a brief guide to the vast amount of Pokemon merchandise available. Here, you will find some of the most popular items among collectors, but Pokemon items are in no way limited to what you see here!

    This list is not terribly organized, but it will be noted in the description what country it is available in, and links at the bottom will help you find things from Japan if that is not where you live.

    Some places to know:

    Pokemon Center

    Pokemon Centers in Japan are the most popular and recognized places to get Pokemon merchandise. It is exactly what it sounds like, a store of nothing but Pokemon! There are 7 of them in Japan currently.

    You can read more about them here: Pokémon Center (store) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    Official Website: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/gp/pokecen/?inc=gnav

    Nintendo World

    Nintendo World, located in New York City, was formerly just a Pokemon Center. It closed in 2005 for remodeling, and reopened as a general Nintendo store. However, the first floor is entirely dedicated to Pokemon! Here, you will find America versions of many Japanese PokeDolls and plush, as well as shirts, figures, and TCG. There is also a table for hooking up your DS/GameBoy/whatever and battling others. The upper floor has other Nintendo themed items, such as Mario, Yoshi, Legend of Zelda, as well as demos for upcoming or newly released games.

    Official website, including store address and hours: http://www.nintendoworld.com

    Vending Machines

    There are 2 malls in Washington, USA that have Pokemon items available in vending machines. All of the items found here are the same that are found in Nintendo World in New York, as well as the DS games and the TCG booster packs. They are located in Seattle and Tacoma. There was also one formerly in Lynnwood that closed in 2012.


    Epcot in Disney World in Florida, USA also has Pokemon plushes! They are the same plushes that are found in Nintendo World and the vending machines and often have a huge stock of things that may not be at NW or the machines any longer.

    Now then, on to the merchandise!

    Please note that this is nowhere near a complete guide to all of the Pokemon merchandise that exists. It is only meant to be a very basic guide.

    Keep in mind that Pokemon merchandise is in no way limited to what you see here. There are many items that I could not fit in here due to image restraints such as metal figures, stickers, and countless other types of plush. You're bound to find it all in your collection journey~

    More helpful sites with Pokemon merchandise information:

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