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    I've had a lot of Poke-merch over the years that I wish we had kept, so my collection is quite small right now. ;~;

    My favorites are these two adorable little Meloetta plush toys, I won them in a contest!

    Oh, and I love Banpresto plushies. They're so pretty and soft and ahh.

    I also got this amazing little book years ago; it came with the first Mewtwo movie CD. Has some beautiful art of characters like Jessie's mom and Mondo. <3;

    And I have a few magazines, including ones in different languages, with me being the nerd I am haha.

    I also love Pokemon cards.. a lot. Here are some of my shinies~! They're definitely not worth much but I still love them.

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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    Those Meloettas are adorable! What sort of contest did you win them in?

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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    Great collection so far, and I agree too, Banpresto plushies are the greatest.

    I would love to get that Cinccino card you have, looks soo cool (from Cinccino's pose)
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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    THE MEWTWO MOVIE CD AND BOOKLET dKJFH I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! I remember looking everywhere for them years ago, I don't even know if they still sell them (or sell them at a price I can afford with the shipping costs and all). How did you get it?

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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    I like your collection!

    Same here, used to have a lot more stuff. Mum made me get rid of most of it when I was 12.

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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    I won the Meloettas just by picking a number and whoever picked the number they were thinking of got the plushies. Simple and easy, I got lucky~ :3

    Aaand I actually just found the Mewtwo book browsing Amazon years ago.. didn't think it was too hard to get. ;__;
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    Default Re: Burgundy's Little Collection

    Awwwwww, I love all of your plushes and such, you have such a variety ;~; And the TR booklet!!! :D That is really cool how you won the Meleottas, they are both so cute! <3

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    Default Re: Emolga's Collection

    Those are so cute. I swear I have the same exact Chillarmy. It is sooo cute and soft.


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