Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?
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Thread: Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

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    Default Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

    Hi there,

    So, I've seen concept art around the net, sometimes in Bulbapedia's entries, that suggest there might be printed media containing character and concept art for at least Pokemon Black and White. I'm curious as to whether or not there's been anything published in Japan (perhaps by Ascii Media Works, who published the Knights of Iris art book for the latest Fire Emblem) that collects such artwork in a softcover volume (only Zelda books seem to get hardcover treatment). Google has been no help, I just turn up results for products published in the United States dating back to Gen IV (sticker and coloring/activity books). Can anyone help me with this? I'd love to get artbooks for Gens V and VI since the art made such a sharp increase in quality.

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    Default Re: Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

    Well, it's a shame nobody has answered this yet. I was also wondering about the same thing.

    Well, it's not a book, but you may be interested in this: 13 Rare Pieces Of Pokemon Concept Art

    However, if you really want books, try this: Pokemon Art Book | eBay

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    Default Re: Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

    A lot of the concept art scans for XY are coming from an official Japanese Pocket Monsters XY Guidebook ( that's mostly a strategy guidebook, but also contains character concept art and sprites (better than the meh "Kalos Region Guidebook" everyone else got, which doesn't even include post-game content iirc). Here's a sample from it. And some more.

    There's also the XY World Artbook that Pokemon Center Japan gave out as a preorder bonus (along with others) for buying both X and Y. As per usual, everyone else in the world got the short end of the stick.

    Past generations have had artbooks in a similar vein, including the anime and such, but were never released outside of Asian waters. Now ain't that swell?
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    Default Re: Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

    I remember there being an artbook regarding Pokemon Conquest. I'm not sure if it's also released in the US, but from what I've seen, it definitely has beautiful, unique depictions of pokemons featured in Pokemon Conquest with lots of different expressions and poses. It's not from GameFreak... but it's definitely a pokemon artbook. (credit goes to Tecmo Koei)

    Here's the thread:
    Pokemon Conquest Artbook
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    Default Re: Does GameFreak publish Pokemon art books?

    I really wish Nintendo/Gamefreak would release a "full" artbook for Pokemon. Showing stuff like concept arts and early designs for some Pokemon/characters would be something I would definitely be interested in. I love to see the thought processes to get to the current designs. I really liked that interview with Masuda(I think?) where she showed the prototype Ghetsis and N (and the ninja trio) art.

    I think the BW1 OST booklet also showed some late concept art for some Pokemon/NPCs, but they where scattered on a table so you couldn't get a good look at the full pages. I wish Gamefreak weren't so stingy with showing concept art. Until BW, there wasn't much going around except Capsule Monsters art and EarTorchic/Blaziktias stuff from some exhibition. :(

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