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    I'm going to start this collection thread off with my collection of Axew stuff :)

    I'm always on the lookout for more... hoping they make a "real size" Axew plush someday!

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    Default Re: Caltsar's Pokethings

    Awwww, you have a very nice Axew collection! You even have the museum figure!! ;__;

    There's a bunch of different plush that were made of him, if you want more of an idea of things to look for! 610Axew - a set on Flickr
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    I'm so jealous of your large attacking Axew figure! That's something I'd absolutely love to have! :D Seems like your collection's more figure-based though, so it would be awesome to have more plushies. My personal favorite Axew plush is the Banpresto one! Mouth is a bit thick but it's adorable and cuddly. :) <3

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    The plushies are so hard to find and so expensive! When I run into a good deal on them, I grab them up! I'd love more plushies and I'm hoping to find a "life sized" axew plush someday! (or commission one :3)

    The figures and cards tend to be more reasonably priced though, so they came in much more quickly.

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    I've expanded my collection a bit since I last posted. It now includes a few gifts I've received... including the "life sized" axew plush a friend won from a carnival game!



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