When it feels like your mind is working against you

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Thread: When it feels like your mind is working against you

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    Default When it feels like your mind is working against you

    As i may or may not have mentioned in my previous threads, my mind has made a habit about of turning against me, at the worst possible times and in the most unsettling of ways. Ways like the following:

    1. I try to think about a positive moment in my past and all i get is a moment that basically scarred me for life (or least still haunts me to this very day). Or worse, my mind practically rewrites said memory in a way that bothers me more

    2. I'm watching a TV show/movie and then, a certain scene (or scenes) doesn't work for me. There are other aspects of the TV show/Movie that i might have enjoyed, but the part(s) that didn't work for me won't leave my thoughts. What's more, my overactive imagination has a field day with the part(s) that bother me and makes them worse in my head.

    All of this has lead me to believe that i am going insane a few time, it's also made me feel like my mind is purposely doing this to keep me from getting in the mood for something, like a holiday for example. My mother says that this is just excess energy working its way to my brain, she also says that it's possible that my mind is trying to keep me from overloading it with my attempts to get in the mood for something. In any case, she has give me two remedies for my problem; 1.) Excercise and 2.) Stop thinking about the thing i'm trying to think about, as you can imagine, both are hard for me to do.

    Has anyone else felt like this before?

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    Default Re: When it feels like your mind is working against you

    There should be a third option there. Don't take this as a personal attack but you should consider seeing a psychologist. What you describe is one of the things that led to me being diagnosed with OCD and it can turn into a real problem if you leave it unchecked. I can't tell you if my invasive thoughts are the same as yours, they sound the same, but telling you I've felt like you before would be a lie.

    You may want to ask your mom what she thinks of that.
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