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    I will keep this as to the point as possible. A friend of mine and my husband's has gotten.... Suspicious as of late. Vindictive even. Long story short, on an anime website we all are members of, she made a group. She nuked(deleted) her account on the site after making a new one. The site's rules CLEARLY state that you need a minimum of around 500 points, which are obtained via various things, like posting in Forums, commenting on profiles of other users, etc, to be a "Creator" of a group. She had, give or take 145 points at the time, and I was contacted by a SITE moderator that unless the group had a "Creator" listed by the next day, the group would be deleted. I took over the position. When I tried to explain to her, she snapped at me. She had NEVER really done ANYTHING in the group, and claimed work the mods of the group, including myself, my husband, and 3 of my closest friends on the site, did as her own and ruled with an iron fist. She basically complained to her 100 + other friends on that site that I was "mean" to her. I got harassed to the point that I turned off PMs and lost my best friend on the site. She would edit and delete things in the group without permission and LIE about it when asked. We gave her many a chance, and finally I banned her for good. She called me a "B***!" offline and harassed me and my husband, whom she ADMITS to wanting to be with romantically, to the point that we both snapped at her and I passed the position to my husband, becoming a regular mod again. Now, despite us TRYING to be nice, and fair, and asking the other mods if she should be in the group or not, she says I BRAINWASHED them. ._. I have NO control over them. At all. All but ONE of the 5 mods, if you include myself, said no or were neutral-no. She has now avoided the site completely and her friends are harassing me and my husband now. My husband coughs up blood (not Tuberculosis, we have medical documents to prove that) when stressed and this causes him so much stress.... He has been ill for a week straight from this. We are debating cutting all ties to her for good. Any advice? Sorry for the LONG post... Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    I'm not sure what to make of that but it sounds like she is really evil and I hope these

    ^ Help things a little for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavenBlade View Post
    I'm not sure what to make of that but it sounds like she is really evil and I hope these

    ^ Help things a little for you
    You, miss, are my new best friend on here. *hugs* Thank you. Yes they helped a little. *smiles*


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