Meeting People After College?
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    Default Meeting People After College?

    This is for people who have graduated college/university and are now living in the real world. Now that you're not in a situation where you are around people your age all the time, what is your strategy for meeting new people? I'm not particularly looking seriously right now, but I ask because I will be at some point and I don't really have a strategy.
    That's nice.

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    Watch How I met your mother. No kidding. Above the licenses creators take for comedy effect, there's a lot of real stuff into the series. I could say it has been kinda instructive (and fun). True story.

    PS: I'm 25 and I'm a couple of years before getting my grade and going out to the real world.
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    I do the whole meet people at work thing. But I also am military Police so I get to meet and talk to a lot of People


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