How to handle friends' love?
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Thread: How to handle friends' love?

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    Default How to handle friends' love?

    Okay, I have a few questions here, and not just for my sake, but for other (jealous) friends affected by it. Being a Keima Katsuragi (admiring the 2D world x3), it's about as difficult for me to comprehend people's 'romantic feelings' as it is difficult for others to understand my 'asexuality' (What I tell people to ward them off instead of giving the Keima Katsuragi explanation because that would confuse them even more XD). But that's not the problem here.

    How to handle your friends' PDA/sickly lovey-doveyness?
    Okay, so it's cute you finally got together (even though it took you 9 months to tell us), but the PDA is getting quite unbearable now. It's just nauseating for anyone in general who sees it, but I'm pretty sure that it's also upsetting the guys who asked her out and anyone else who's single and feeling 'forever alooooonee~'.

    What to do? We can't exactly go up to them and ask them to stop, that's just plain awkward. All we can do is complain to each other, and that isn't helping anyone.

    How to handle your friends when they're in love but their beloved doesn't love them back and YOU know it? Plus their aftermath of 'heartbreak'?
    I'm am trying not to be mean here, but it really is enough. I am so sick of hearing about my friends' heartache and struggle and blablabla, especially when I KNOW their 'crush' does NOT like them back. The truth is, they probably know that too. But they still carry on. I could possibly learn to respect their determination if it wasn't so damn annoying.

    I feel like I'm trapped in an episode of School Days. Whenever they go on about it, I end up betraying my true feelings and giving them advice instead of telling them to can it. I don't wanna hurt them, but really, it's starting to sound like a broken record.

    Also, what do you do when they start crying? It hasn't actually happened to me (YET), but I've heard about it from my friend. One of our friends got really drunk after another one of my friends broke up with him because she didn't actually like him, and he ended up crying. My friend managed to escape by pretending he was asleep, but I don't know how I'll get out of it in broad daylight. I'm really worried, because knowing me, I'll laugh at them or awkwardly pat them on the shoulder before pretending I have a phone call from my mum about having to feed the horses and then running away, and I know that will make them hate me forevaarrr!!! D: Heeeeelp! \>0</ XD

    How to handle your friend's harem and their ignorance?
    One of my friends appears to have a little harem. Unbelievable, right? I thought that shit only existed in the 2D world. I've had 5 girls confess their love for him to me, and 3 others I've heard about. The worst part? He is one of the most unattractive people I have met, mentally and physically. I don't want to go into any further detail because it will probably offend just about anyone reading this, but, just for the record...he is so womanly that my mum has nicknamed him 'Gaylord'. Seriously.

    You can't change someone's feelings. I have told the most persistent one this several times, but she still can't accept it. But, she still goes about it, going on a diet, being even louder and more annoying than usual in an attempt to get his attention, and apparently 'flirting' with other guys to try and make him jealous (I have no idea if this is true, I've just been told this cus I'm really shit at this stuff XD), which in turn makes me angry for her using people.

    The worst part is the guy's ignorance, and even dislike of his harem. I felt that he had the right to know that multiple girls were stalking him and had feelings for him, and he told me he wished it would stop and he doesn't consider any of those girls in that way. Most likely, he never would, considering he has way too high standards and only considered one of the girls 'for half an hour' before deciding not to.

    But now he's become arrogant and believes all females are infatuated with him. I was so outraged when he said that.

    Me: Do I look like your fucking fangirl?
    Him: Well, you are telling me all this stuff.

    I wanted to throw up when he said that. Then slap him silly.

    This harem needs to end NOW. It's laughable yet pathetic from a bystander's point of view that these girls think they stand a chance of being his 'dream girl'. But what can I do? Like I said earlier, feelings can't change just like that.

    Anyone know anything I can do to get rid of any of this earache? TT____TT (Keima: Man, this is why 3D girls are so annoying. =_=)
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    Default Re: How to handle friends' love?

    Well, for the first bullet, I'd just deal with it or make faces at them. My two friends (I'm insanely jealous of them, being all together and stuff) always sit on top of each other and kiss and wrap their arms around each other like they're married or something. I hate it. Absolutely revolting, in my opinion (forever alone), but really, I just make faces at them and constantly mention it and that seems to clear it up. Makes me seem insufferable, though...

    For the second,I'd just tell them that, honestly, the person doesn't like them. I kinda appreciated this when my friend told me that this asshole guy I had a crush on didn't like me (he goes for the freaky starvation people :/)

    For the last, (I hate to reuse words, but...) tell him he's being an asshole. He shouldn't act like that. Females believe that when guys don't like them it's there fault, at least most of the time. Tell his 'harem' that they're wasting their time and they should more on to real people who have souls and will appreciate them.


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