How do I restart a friendship?
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Thread: How do I restart a friendship?

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    Default How do I restart a friendship?

    So I asked a girl out, she said no, you know the drill. I'm fine with it, I like to think I've moved on and I can be friends with her again. But the problem is I still can't seem to make eye contact with her or talk to her more than just saying hi in the hallway. I miss being able to talk to her. What should I do?
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    Default Re: How do I restart a friendship?

    Stretch out the times the two of you talk, and interact with other people until the feelings diminish. Even if you're okay with it, your body seems to have a chemical reaction to rejection. But if you spend less time with her and more time with other people, it will ease the tension, and eventually go away making it so you can interact with her without even thinking about rejection, or the awkwardness. I've had crushes on a few friends, and most of them knew, or felt the same way at one time or another, but we've all moved on, and we're still good friends.

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    Default Re: How do I restart a friendship?

    Definitely try and spend less time with her to help ease things out, but don't do it without letting her know why. She'll likely appreciate the heads up and it'll be likely to make things a little less awkward.

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