Well to be honest I'm the flipside of you guys. I was more the bully rather than the bullied. I guess that stems from people assuming that I'm stupid or just to assert my social status and I'll admit it, it was fun. Okay mainly it is because of it is fun. But my bullying was more if you tried to take me on in an argument I would crush you (Maybe that's why I do law), if a guy tries to hit on me I would it make very tough on him, people's fashion choices yeah but I had my limits. I never attacked someone's looks (appearance except clothes), family, race, gender, sexuality and all that jazz.

Obviously I mellowed out but I can't live without trash talk on the field but I didn't have any insecure issues or experiences. To me you have to earn my respect. It is hard to explain why I was on the side you guys suffered from but yeah I just was a bully.