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Thread: Anyone planning to give a Valentine Card this year?

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    Default Re: Anyone planning to give a Valentine Card this year?

    I always tell myself I'll give one to the guy I like, but I never do. He'd laugh at me if he figured out who sent it, not to mention everyone would make fun of me.

    I want to get one as well, but the only ones I will receive will be mean jokes from people who think it's funny. All my friends that are dating will get them from their significant others. Is it okay to be jealous about that?(Kind of going of topic here, sorry. Just want to know)

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    Default Re: Anyone planning to give a Valentine Card this year?

    This isn't so much related to me, as it is related to Valentine's day and the fact that it's adorable. So a friend of mine works at the local Target (a big-name retail for anyone in a country where they're not located) and yesterday he said he saw a little girl walking around the store with a My Little Pony t-shirt on, looking really gloomy, as if she hadn't gotten any Valentine's at elementary school that day. So he walked up to her and said, "Happy hearts and hooves day!" and said her face just lit up, and that it just made his day. (Hearts and Hooves day is the Valentine's day equivalent in the My Little Pony franchise, for anyone not MLP savvy)
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    Default Re: Anyone planning to give a Valentine Card this year?

    Not a card, but fried crickets and freeze dried astronaut food... You might guess those are without romantic intentions.

    I also gave a bunch of my friends Valentines Day cards in binary code (so, they were really long) that said corny things, and seeing as a select few of my friends know binary, the ones that couldn't read it had a translator.

    I baked cookies, fudge and other sweets to give to random people, telling them after they recieved the treat, "Congradulations! I tolerate you..."

    I also did some prank Valentines Day cards in Spanish with the following message (and I am going to put the English equivalent because I don't know if there are rules against posting in different languages, plus I don't know how to do special characters):
    "You Are the Most Beautiful Boy and or Girl in the World!
    Will You Marry me?"

    I also left cards with that message on a few Spanish students' desks, which was entertaining when a ton of people were randomly talking about it at lunch because they were trying to figure out who left them.
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