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    As you may have noticed, a few of us have been participating in experimental runs of live roleplaying on AIM. In these adventures, a single member, known as a Dungeon Master, runs a group of players though various challenges as they work together to complete their quests.

    Most of these sessions last between two and three hours and take place on AIM so as to allow for quick interaction between players and DM. This generally allows for a fast completion of an engaging plotline, allowing for fun for all involved.

    If enough people show interest in this idea, perhaps it can even become a more regular part of the URPG.

    At the moment, anyone is free to run an Adventure and I encourage members to participate as this will surely help us figure out what sort of system we should utilize. In time, we can even begin applying ways in which members can earn treasure (items) and Dungeon Master's to be paid (money).

    General Guidelines

    Generally, I run an Adventure by grabbing 3 to 4 people online and give them 5 to 10 minutes to come up with a character. Each character should have 5 to 7 sentences about who they are as well as what Pokemon they have with them. Generally, I restrict players to only two Pokemon which they must own in their URPG stats. They can use any move that they normally can use in the URPG.

    From there, I present various challenges as the story progresses. Battles utilize more of an improvised ruleset in which players fight in order, one at a time. The easiest way to run this is place the player's in order of their Pokemon's speed. Pokemon health is presented with percents.

    Non-combat encounters I usually run with players utilizing good roleplaying and good rolls. If they wish to climb a slipper rope, for instance, I make them roll a 20-sided dice with them having to meet or beat a certain number. The harder the challenge, the higher the number they need. Depending on their creativity and roleplaying, I may apply bonuses to their rolls.

    These are the simplest rules I've been using and anyone running an adventure can do whatever they want, even change what I listed above. I am experimenting with other ideas to help enhance the entertainment value of these games and hopefully we can come up with a system that works well for the players.

    I welcome any questions or comments you might have. I think we can use this thread to announce adventures or suggest new ideas. The more things we try and the more people participating, the better of an idea we can create.

    Adventure Examples

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