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    Default Adventure: Scientific Nightmare

    A Live Roleplaying Adventure:

    Adventure Log

    Please let me know what you think and ask any questions you might have.

    Feats (Pick Two):

    • +20 Base Speed - Chain
    • One Guaranteed Roll of 15
    • +4 to Perception - Jess
    • Common Sense Feat - Nitro
    • Action Point – Chain, Nitro, PMan
    • One Max Potion - PMan
    • Survival Skills – Jess


    Jakk Carter, Male, 23 years old, Veilstone Gym Leader. He occasionally closes his gym to adventure and look for new Fighting-type Pokemon. He has blonde spiky hair, friendly blue eyes and is very muscly, and is a master of hand-to-hand combat, albeit not any particular martial arts combat style. He deliberately shows off his muscles by wearing tunics and leggings. Jakk is a very friendly person, treating everyone like dear friends, although sometimes he's a little too enthusiastic, especially with attractive women. For this reason, he can be easily tricked and often sees things too simplistically. His Pokemon are a Defiant Male Bisharp and a Steadfast Male Gallade. The Bisharp is named Koma, and he likes to fight dirty, believing that victory is a goal to be accomplished at all costs. Dual, the Gallade, is a polar opposite - if a fight isn't fought honourably, it is pointless.

    name =ryan 5'10'', male with blue hair, Gym Leader in Snowpoint and Ex canalave leader. Like fun and changes of pace from time to time, is fit and rides his bike regularly. He is in Kanto for a leaders conference. Myy mons are Froslass F, snow cloak and Metagross, G, clear body

    John Webster Shay
    Scizor (M/Technician)
    Dragonite (F/Multiscale)
    -6'0", 192 lbs
    -Of Irish descent

    Jessica Graham
    Misha is 25 years old with short red hair and bright blue eyes, about 5'7" tall and weighs 125 lbs. She's calm, quiet, and collected; people think she's shy, but she actually only speaks when she feels the need and will get right to the point. She rarely shows emotion, but when she does it can be either hilarious or terrifying depending on circumstances. She wears a white cotton shirt and brown khakis, with white tennis shoes. Her Pokemon are a Female Chandelure named Allure and Male Haxorus named Edge

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    Default Re: Adventure: Scientific Nightmare

    This adventure was lots of fun. I particularly loved the Perks system, and the rolling dice checks (there should have been more of them :D). Apparently, Perks were linked to URPG jobs, and I liked this way of doing them better - linking them to jobs could have been too imbalanced.

    Constructive criticism: the Adventure needed to move along a little faster, and I think that it would have been more fun with more than one battle, although that in and of itself was an experiment and so is fine.

    I look forwards to the next one ^^
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