Another Live Roleplaying Adventure

Adventure Live Log


A pregnant woman? An armed robbery? Trapped in an exploding Powerplant? How will our trainers cope in the Power Plant.


  1. +20 Base Speed
  2. One Guaranteed
  3. Roll of 15
  4. +4 to Perception - Synthesis, Akniai
  5. Common Sense Feat - Buoysel, Akniai, Synthesis
  6. Action Point
  7. One Max Potion
  8. Survival Skills - Buoysel



James Brehon. Although having practically reached maturity in the Pokemon world, James remains childish at heart. He loves to mess about and have fun with his Pokemon whenever he can, but that doesn't mean he's never serious. When it comes to Pokemon battles, he can be quite the contender. His passion lies in pushing his Pokemon to their full ability and getting to test himself at various different challenges.

Standing just under six foot tall, many would consider him quite big. He has dirty-looking blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Oh how Hitler would have loved him. He usually wears baggy sweatpants and a colourful t-shirt to go with it. He is almost always seen wearing white trainers that allow him to run with ease. Male Tropius, Male Jolteon

Feats: Common Sense, Perception


Character name is Makina Auron, profession: Ranger. She is 23 years old and about 5'5”, has dark grey midlength hair that always seems to be a mess and quite long in the front and brown eyes.

When off-duty, she tends to wear a white hoodie with black sleeves and markings, along with khaki jeans and black sneakers.

While generally sarcastic and laid back, she tries to be a little more serious when the situation calls for it. Her Pokemon are a Male Super Luck Absol and a Female Levitate Banette, the latter a loan from a friend.

Feats: Common Sense, +4 Perception


Lysander Dawson is a male of nineteen years, with a mop of unruly blonde hair and a pair of milky brown eyes. He's a little skinnier than may be good for him, and not physically strong. He stands rather tall at about six feet and three inches, a black, high-collared waistcoat hanging from his shoulders oftentimes. Under, he adopts a deep blue, lightweight cardigan, with a white shirt -- the top button undone, of course. A pair of denim jeans, ripped at the knees, are tied to his waist with a belt. High-topped black boots sit comfortably on his feet.

Lysander's a little on the quiet side, and he generally goes along with the plans of others, although he will step in if it seems outright dangerous. He's a clever one, with wits as sharp as the edge of a blade and plans of his own that usually exceed those of others, but he keeps them to himself for the most part. Calm and calculative, he makes a good trainer -- or so his Pokémon try to tell him. His two Pokémon are his Floatzel, who he has named Assan, and a Sigilyph nicknamed Arcane.

Feats: Common Sense, Survival Skills


It was mainly a 2 person adventure, since Syn left for a while. I would've added a Pokemon Battle at the end, however they were running out of time.