VeloJello's Splashing Sculpture
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    Default VeloJello's Splashing Sculpture

    Target Pokemon: Magikarp
    Target Points: 25+

    Hand-crafted from glaze and ceramic clay, this lousy sculpture was created in a spur of boredom during art class. If someone wanted to grade it, that would be swell.
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    Default Re: VeloJello's Splashing Sculpture

    Can I just say, this is awesome! I'd totally put something like this on my desk or something. So cute ^^

    Okay, onto the grading. Most of the colors of Magikarp are accurate, but you did forget his bottom fin, unfortunately... But I do see that you did the fin stripes, the scales, and even the little line behind his head and before his side fin. I like that attention to detail. I also noticed that you made him pretty big, too, and boy do I know how tough it is to get the colors to glaze just right. I really like how you got his side fin to stick straight out like that, as if he's in mid-swim. The sculpture is really good in this. One thing I could pick on is probably that he's less... roundy, and more squared-off, but that's most likely because you did him mostly on a flat surface.

    Score: 55/100, which means Magikarp is caught, then polished and shined to perfection. Good job on this :)


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