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    Default Use Splash!

    My entry for Magikarp. I didn't color it or anything, but I DID spend the extra time to shade it :P

    Initial sketch to prove that it's mine:


    Pokemon to catch: Magikarp
    Level: Easiest
    Points to acquire: 25/100
    No. of drawings: 1

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    Default Re: Use Splash!

    Use Splash! by TheProtobabe

    This is a basic level Pokemon which is only demanding of a basic-level effort, but as far as basic-level effort goes, you did a damn fine job here. The outline of Magikarp is on point and accurate. You did a great job with proportions, and you nailed all the little things, which is something I loved to see. The little bit of fat just behind Magikarp’s fin and also the narrowing of the side of its stretched lips were two such things that I thought were absolutely awesome. Your shading was also another strong point. Your shading was excellent, and even to the point of Sugimori-esque. This overall is a high quality sketch.

    However, you can see where the basic-level effort part factors in. There’s no colour to this (which you acknowledged), and while that’s not necessarily a problem, it certainly does set a low cut-off limit for your grade - I can only grade you so high if you don’t use go colour. The same thing for this being a sketch without any sort of narrative to it. The title is “Use Splash!”, by Magikarp isn’t splashing, or doing anything at all - there’s not even a setting. >implementing Magikarp ever does anything, but still, without any sort of background to this image (both background as in setting, and background as in backstory), you can only get graded so high.

    Overall, however, the strength of your sketch earns you the highest grade I can give you for something with no colour and no background. It’s not a grade that can earn you much more than an Easiest-level Pokemon, but for something made with minimal effort, it’s a pretty great (and well-earned) grade. If/when you go for something of a higher difficulty, make sure to build on your image, because there’s a lot of potential here!

    Grade: 35/100


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