Tentacool VS Zolar: Round 2

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Thread: Tentacool VS Zolar: Round 2

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    Default Tentacool VS Zolar: Round 2

    I will get the little shit this time!

    Going for: Tentacool
    Requirements: One piece of art featuring the attempted Pokemon scoring 40 or higher.

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    Default Re: Tentacool VS Zolar: Round 2

    Okay you took my park run so I shall grudgingly do this as you asked. But I'll have you know it was annoying because the whole time I was staring at your image, your stupid gif was running just below it.

    Tentacool VS Zolar: Round 2 by Zolar

    Obviously not an original render of yours to begin with, but what you’ve done here is really appealing. The effects you’ve used to give Tentacool the sketchy outline is simplistic, but eye-catching and easy to like at first glance. The sketchy outline was the focal point of your image, and it worked very well because of how it was done. Not exactly sure how you did it, but the thicker, sketchy lines with the sparkling points at edges looks really nice. Personally, I really enjoy the red bubble-thing, where the two inner bubbles, for lack of a better term, are done in sketchy magenta lines that I like a lot. In terms of colors, the shades of blue and magenta work well together in creating a cool-toned image. Complimenting it with the glowing white outline (white-brown for the tentacles) on the black background was a very nice touch given the vibrance of your main colors as well as the sketchy outlines, almost making it look like a firework at night.

    What I will say in terms of this needing to be improved is that in parts of your image (mostly “cluttered” parts where there are lines bunched up or intersecting) are a little sloppy, and in the case of Tentacool’s face, hard to comprehend. With Tentacool’s face, the lines are oversketched, and apart from its eye, you can’t really make out the features of Tentacoool’s face because of the clutter. With the other areas that were sloppy, like where the tentacles intersected the flappy-looking thing around Tentacool’s waist or the back of the inside of the flappy thing right above where the right tentacle intersected past it, you could see areas that needed a quick touch up. The intersecting lines almost mixed with each other, and that creates clutter and also makes it difficult to perceive the image. As for the latter part, there’s a smallish but clearly visible curved line that was probably applied on to a shadow or something when you applied the effect. That line, not part of Tentacool’s design, should have been erased completely. There was also a similar problem just before the tip of that same right tentacle.

    Overall, however, an appealing image. Because of the time invested/effort put in (or general lack thereof), I can’t give you a great mark. However, I certainly can pass you for this - just don’t expect to be able to get much more than a Simple Pokemon with this type of art.

    Grade: 43/100 (Tentacool captured)

    -Simplistic but appealing design
    -Excellent colors, complimented by glowing outline on black background

    -Cluttered areas made various parts of the image difficult to identify
    -Touchups needed to clean up the effects applied


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