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    Default Tentacle Hugs

    Aw, Tenta just wants hugs, Pichu! Used pencil and colored pencils to color, then traced back over to neaten up.

    Pokemon I'm going for: Tentacool
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score Needed: 40
    Amount of Drawings: 1

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    Default Re: Tentacle Hugs

    This picture is so cute it makes me want to ship this. I think there is a great story that is portayed in this image as well, which can be seen. The characters are dynamic in their stance and aren't boring. I really like how accurate both the Tentacool and Pichu are in this. The colours, and designs of them are all down pat. The only thing I can really critique is the tail of Pichu seems to be a little too thin at the end. The proportions are correct on everything else though. The Shading on Tentacool is very well done, and really adds to the 3 dimensional effect on Tentacool. Pichu on the other hand seems to be a little rough in the transitions between dark-medium-light. I would just suggest to make it a bit more gradual as the hard lines look a bit rough on such a cute Pokemon. There really isn't a background so I cannot give you marks for this, but this would have made it that much better. The colouring otherwise is done very well with it looking very smooth, with little white blotches where there shouldn't be. In the end you will get a 55 for your detail and the general professionalism displayed in the colouring and design!! Congrats and have fun playing with that tentacle monster!!!


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