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    Here we have some fine Slowpoke's living life to the fullest that a Slowpoke can.

    In this picture, we find a wild Slowpoke stuck in a well, most likely outside of Azalea Town. It waits down in the dampness for a stranger to come by and save it, catch it, or slice its' tail off for profit.

    In this lovely picture we see the dream world side of Slowpoke dreaming of a mystical item: a King's Rock. It slumbers in this state, aspiring to become a royal entity on two legs.

    Pokemon: Slowpoke
    Category: Medium
    Score Needed: 50/100

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    @Ace Trainer Liam

    Slowpoke's Well

    Do Slowpoke dream of the King's Rocks?

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    Did some touch-ups on the Slowpokes. The dream world slowpoke continues to dream about a King's Rock, but with more shading filling in the white around the image (btw this was done with chalk and pen, just fyi) and added some Salvador Dali melting clocks with an image of Slowpoke himself reaching, and trying to put on a King's Rock

    Now for the lonely Slowpoke down in the well, because this was with pencil and color pencil making touch-ups was a little easier. (However, I think the leg has to stay, I don't have white-out, nor can erase the pink). Buuut, his foot is dipped in the reflective puddle, accompanied with ripples, shading was added, and even a shadow. (The shading was done on the floor, slowpoke itself, and on the walls.)


    For a recurate/regrade please :D

    And thanks for the one before!

    Cerulean Gym Leader

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    Slowpoke 1 Regrade - Dreamscape

    Slowpoke 2 Regrade - Well


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