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    Made this for fun and since Tentacool is simple I thought it was worth submitting just in case.

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    So this image looks pretty nice. But it's much harder to get high scores using graphics. You've got a couple layers here and a gradient, and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, the effort involved is probably not substantial enough to catch a Simple Pokemon. Aside from effort, I look at composition. And your flow doesn't really make any sense. Ideally, a c4d is used to accentuate something, add dimension, and/or draw attention somewhere in your graphic. Your use here seems kind of random and chaotic. There is no depth, and the texture hurts you as well because it makes the image look flat. I don't know if it was intentional, but it gives off an effect like you used a poor quality stock or saved the file as .jpg.

    You need a clear focus and a solid light source. Otherwise, there is simply too much going on and it ends up looking like a few renders blended together. Sorry, dude. ^^; It's a lovely picture and it's not bad in the slightest, I just don't think I can give you a Pokemon here.

    Score: 30

    Tentacool not captured.
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