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    I am surely the next Picasso. Going for Diglett obviously.

    The one in the spoiler was my first attempt before I realised the shadow was off. The second has it fixed + some kind of watermark.
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    To start off, I'd like to point out what to me is the most impressive part of your work, which is the shading. It's pretty great for the most part, though I think you truly excel on the tree trunk and on the Diglett. The shadows also appear to be in the right places, which is something an amateur would probably forget. However, the shadow on the bush behind Diglett is kind of jacked up (to use the technical term) so that's kind of weird. Your Diglett's anatomically correct and its little eyes are adorable. Those flowers in the back are kind of skeezy, though. Finally, I like the clouds and that tree in the back. They really add depth to the world around the Diglett and that draws the viewer in.
    Overall, it's not a perfect piece by far, but one worth a Simple Pokemon.

    Score: 45/100
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    Cheers, Alaska. The bush behind Diglett actually has no shadow, and that's the Diglett's shadow itself. I'll probably maake that more obvious in future pieces or s/t.


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